I’d forgotten how much fun it is to be part of a photo shoot for Callipygian Christensen. She invited some friends to join her, giving only the vaguest understanding of the purpose of the poses. We got there. She told us the name of the image: “Another Day in this Carnival of Souls”. Then she told us how to dress: ethereal/surreal/spiritual/carnival. *Blink* As Dale pointed out – spiritual and carnival are sort of antonyms. I was a bit worried. I didn’t think I had anything in my inventory that was carnival or ethereal. I watched as the others started rezzing outfits and skins and hair.

It was the discussion on changing skins that enabled me to act. I remembered my beautiful drow skin called Chromatic from [][]Trap[][]. I put that on and decided to add a tattoo. I added my Bare Rose Black Salamander outfit, thinking that maybe I would only keep parts of it. But once I had it on, I rather liked the effect in combination with the other outfits I saw. What I didn’t like was my hair. Originally I’d thought I’d wear my pink hair, but I couldn’t remember the name, and it wouldn’t go with the Salamander outfit. I rummaged about for something else and came up with my Curio Spiky hair. I’d gotten this a LONG time ago for one of the fashion shows at Shengri La. As I couldn’t think of what boots or shoes would go with the outfit, I decided to stay in my socks.

We all jumped onto pose stands or couches and Calli flipped us through the poses. She moved the stands about up and down and around. The interesting thing is to try to guess what angle she is using when she shoots. I, not being anything remotely like a photographer, NEVER guess her approach. 🙂 I take my shot straight on, trying to see everyone’s faces. The other fun part is when we all get silly and joke in local. Many of us have done this before. It’s fun to play at regressing to childlike siblings, whining and teasing.

But you get to see the REAL picture and much much more. Calli is showing her work at Galerie 17 in New Toulouse Bourbon. The opening is Tuesday, September 6, 2011 at 7pm SLT. The show is titled Lyrical since the titles of photos are song lyrics. These pictures will be on display for the month of September. I had the pleasure of keeping Calli company as she hung the pictures in the gallery. I was quite proud when I finally recognized one of the songs without searching. Perhaps pride was not the best response, as the song I recognized was “Rubber Ducky, You’re the One”. *grin* Come and see for yourself what Calli saw when she looked at her ethereal/surreal/spiritual/carnival friends. See how many lyrics YOU can recognize without having to search on the phrases.

1 Response to “Lyrical”

  1. 1 Dale Innis September 5, 2011 at 12:52 pm

    Ha, I’ll have to try to somehow stay awake long enough to hang around next time, too! 🙂 Was great fun; eager to see what Calli did with all that oddness…

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