Friday at TriBeCa Blues

There are many places I love in SL: Fogbound, Carriage Trade, my homes, the various other blues clubs and many more. But come Friday night there is only one place I want to be: TriBeCa Blues in MidState New York. Callipygian Christensen DJs there at 8pm SLT (actually, I think next week we move to 7pm SLT – all the clock changing silliness). There is a small nucleus of regulars but there are always new people stopping by. There is no set list – it’s not necessarily the Blues, not necessarily jazz. There is a LOT of local chat and interaction among the attendees. As we talk about the music and reminisce and share stories, we steer the song selection. This past Friday Calli was playing duets. Since she usually closes Friday nights with some version of Leonard Cohen’sHallelujah“, I teased her that of course she would play a duet version of that. *grin* You can’t faze Calli. She did indeed find a duet cover of Hallelujah: Tim Minchin and Geraldine Quinn singing Hallelujah.

Stop by and join us some Friday. Come alone, come with a friend. Come as a stranger and leave as a friend. I guarantee you that Friday nights at TriBeCa are a perfect way to end the week and slide into the weekend relaxed and with your soul nourished.

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