Yay!!! More Great Music

Honour and I haven’t had a chance to hang out much together lately. She’s a very busy lady and I have been an SL slug. *grin* But we stay in touch and we still look out for each other. One way we do that is to pass on information about life performers or events that we think the other will enjoy. Many years ago Honour practically FORCED me to come join her to hear one of her favorite blues performers – Von Johin. You know how THAT turned out – I am a Vonette to this very day! Recently I had the great good fortune to find Ziffy Zarf and tell Honour that she needed to hear him perform. Now Honour is a Ziffy groupie too. A few days ago I got an IM from Honour, thanking me for the Ziffy-tip and telling me that I needed to track down Alex Mays. Okay – it’s really AlexMays Resident, because Alex is relatively new to SL. Wow, am I glad he is here. He’s GREAT!!!

I had logged on to catch some music and say some hellos and relax. I was just about to tp to a different show when I saw that Alex was performing at Sterling Music park at Sterling Vineyard. I figured this was the perfect opportunity. It took one song. Actually, that’s not true. He was only several bars into the first song when I wrote to Lalo and said – OMG – this guy is GOOD! If I could have reached through the space/time continuum I’d have dragged Lalo inworld to join me. After 3 songs I gave the headset to my husband and said: LISTEN! He agreed – a very very good blues rocker. 🙂 According to Alex’s profile, he plays acoustic and electric guitar, playing Blues, Rock, Jazz, country and much more. He also plays many original tunes and I have to say that I thought they were strong and good music. He has a listening booth set up in world here.

I joined Alex’s group before his set was over. 🙂 Bamboo liked him too. Check him out. And Alex – oh welcome welcome WELCOME to SL!!!! Delighted to have you here!

2 Responses to “Yay!!! More Great Music”

  1. 1 honourmcmillan November 2, 2011 at 12:31 am

    /me grins
    It has gotten a little easier to get you to these things over the years. But yes, getting you to Von that first time was tough. I still have scars from those high heels of yours kicking me as you screamed you didn’t want to hear the blues. 🙂

  2. 2 miyodarcy November 3, 2011 at 9:27 am

    I like blues as well. I should hang out and listen music in SL more too. But sadly I am often busy with other things for example when I get new ideas what to create in SL. At the moment I have much creativity and no time for music. But often there comes days when I lose my creativity and then I really really should go out in SL land listen some music. Lets see. =)

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