2012 Begins

I realized that December 2011 was the only month in 2011 without some major negative-D (that would be disappointment/damage/disillusionment). I realized that besides ending December Dancing with Daez, Dz and Dale, I made a new contact in the atomic world whose name begins with D. She has agreed to be my mentor and I’m hopeful that she will help me focus and hone my skills. So maybe December has Done a Diversion and Ds will signify Delight, not Despair.

I wake up every morning and have 4 furry faces waiting for me downstairs, Demanding their breakfast. This is excellent news actually – that there are still FOUR furry faces. You may (or may not) recall that Simba and I had a disagreement as to how we would treat his Diabetes. He won that argument (no injections) but we have both been winning for nearly 2 years now. /me smiles and pets Simbalah. I did suggest to the dog and the cats this morning that maybe THIS year we should turn things about – that they should be making ME breakfast. That I should come downstairs and find a cup of hot yummy coffee waiting for me and my lunch prepared and packed. I’m sure you know what the response was for that. Oh well, maybe NEXT year.

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