The Opposing View

I REALLY wanted to name this post “It’s NOT a Fetish”. But I learned better than to use words like that back in my first month of blogging. Foolishly I entitled a post “S-d-c-ng My S-st-r”. See? I LEARNED. Then I thought I’d call this “I Beg to Differ”. I decided that was too risky as well. I’m sure I will be stunned to learn what lands on my blog with even this seemingly innocuous title. ANYWAY – YOU’RE WRONG, Honour, it’s NOT a FETISH!!!!! Sheesh, you slip away for a few days escape with an SL friend (hugs, hugs, HUGS Oura!!!!) and the moment they think you aren’t paying attention, people start with their false accusations.

I like ducks. In SL, anyway. Blame it on my sister. (Yes, the same sister. Oh – that? All I meant was I got her to waste an entire weekend playing in SL. *grin* ) Anyway, it’s MY SISTER’S influence. Or Dale’s. Yeah, his fault. And it’s NOT a fetish. An indulgence perhaps.

I went and spent a few days in reality. I don’t know why Honour thinks I’m obsessed with ducks. I saw lots of things on vacation. I took lots of pictures. Take a look – lots of things to see. It’s just a coincidence that they all look like ducks. 🙂

Wow. *laughing* I just went back to 2008 and read The Duck Posts. We had fun didn’t we? The comments on those posts were hilarious. You all are so darn clever and funny. Those were good times for sure. 🙂