Sunday Morning Vignette

I’ve started sooooo many posts in my head that never make it to the keyboard. I don’t need Google Glass – I need something that lets me THINK and it creates a draft post. 🙂 Anyway…. I intend to write those posts still. The holidays always start several thoughts churning. But it’s Sunday morning. It’s a beautiful sunny, clear, cheerful late-summer, beginning-fall day. A day that makes it seem as if everything on my to-do list is possible. *laughing* I’m sure my list IS do-able. Just not in one day.

My son is safely abroad, already enjoying the experience. The antibiotics seemed to have cleared out my husband’s sinuses and he feels as if indeed he may enjoy breathing again. *grin* I’m not limping too badly today so I’ll probably over-do it trying to do as much as I can while I can walk. *laughing* So then tomorrow I’ll be limping badly again. Do you sense a pattern here? But today – today is “put up the Sukkah” day!!!!!!

I love accomplishing things. I love crossing items off my to-do list. I love watching projects take shape. I love the sense of bringing order out of chaos (chaos would be the mess that I call “my house”). At services yesterday I saw a friend. He’s 4 years younger than I and – omg – he’s RETIRED!!!! I asked him what he’s doing and he said “anything I want”. *smile* What a blessing, no?? He golfs, he gardens, he visits friends. I thought about that and was envious for a moment. Then I realized – I LIKE working. I LIKE structure in my life. I LIKE having a to-do list both at home and at the office. Most of all, I love the sense of achievement, whether small or large, when I cross off an item. Yes, there are days when retirement sounds like heaven. But for me, retirement will have to contain “to-do” lists. I do know that I’m getting closer to considering slowing-down. My to-do list this morning included “play with little black kitten until she’s tuckered out”. *grin* Okay, enough with sitting down. Time to cross off items!!!!

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