Life Lesson #43

My Nana used to say that every cloud had a silver lining. That’s the kind of saying that can make you crazy, but often there is much truth in it. Many years ago I suffered a life tragedy – the sort of thing no one ever expects and yet…. it happens. I can say now with hindsight that there was more than one silver lining to that particularly dark and miserable cloud. One ray of light was the therapist I met. It took years (literally) but I finally learned much ( a lot? most? some?) of what Howard was trying to teach me. Remind me some day to tell you about the car example. *grin*

I’d been raised (unintentionally) to be angry. I’d been raised (unintentionally) to be jealous. I’d been raised (unintentionally) to be fearful. Guess what? You can unlearn that kind of behavior. I’m going to credit Howard, but I’m also going to credit my long-time manager Eric.

It does NOT diminish me to praise or credit others.

Not only do they feel good, but YOU will feel good as well when you praise others. Instead of diminishing you, it actually inflates your reputation. Yep. People see you as confident, capable and honest. Do not take this to mean that you should never take credit for your work. No, no, no. But…. if someone else helped you, acknowledge them. If someone else contributed a part, recognize it. You are not diminished. Quite the contrary. You grow. You are a person with whom others wish to collaborate. You are a person who recognizes and utilizes good ideas.

Yes, I’m sure you can scoff. I’m sure you can point out examples where “somebody done ya wrong”. Get over it. Move on. Share the spotlight. The more you shine on others, the more the light comes back to you.

*grin* Life lesson #43. Really.

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