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OOTD 20150225

When you need a vacation, don’t wait for others to have time too. Go where you want to go. Make friends there. That’s a vacation in so many ways. Can it really be time for me to do this again ALREADY???


Most emails do not need an immediate answer. That is why they are emails. Do not feel obliged to “reply all” immediately to correct one incorrect example of the whole. You absolutely HAVE TO SET THE RECORD RIGHT???? Well, hey, start a blog and post your feelings. *grin* Your email was UNNECESSARY and counter-productive to the over-all intent.

OOTD 20150219

A sincere, well-timed generous tip can really pay dividends. šŸ™‚ /me sighs “ahhhhhh…..”

OOTD 20150218

Most of life is perception, not reality.

OOTD 20150216

Sometimes people just stop liking you. You can’t change it, fix it or even know why. All you can do is let them go, don’t yield to the temptation to reach out. Learn to move on. There’s a lot more that can be said but it all comes down to the same thing: Accept and learn to move on.

OOTD 20150214

Even if you are not a romantic person, a hidden love note discovered 37 years after it was written makes you feel all mushy & soft inside. Especially when you have married the author of the love note.

OOTD 20150212

It’s hard to know when to trust your instinct. Many many years ago I was wrong – he turned out to be a great coworker. (BTW – I wasn’t the only one who was wrong. Good thing the decision maker was right. *grin*). This latest one….. yeah. I should have stuck with “No, This is NOT a good idea.” When it’s smelled bad for years, it’s bad.

Observation of the Day (OOTD)

If you are my manicurist/hair dresser/bartender, don’t try to out-story me. If I’m telling you my woes or my triumphs, consider that one of the costs of doing business. Don’t share yours. Out-storying the client reduces the tip.

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