Headlines I’d Have Preferred NOT to See

11+ Brutally Honest Tweets About Using A Menstrual Cup
Seriously – there is nothing I can add to that headline other than the fact I’d never heard of that particular approach. I was living a very full, productive life having never heard of that particular item.

Tourists In Utah Throw Dinosaur Tracks Into Lake Thinking That They’re Regular Rocks
It was a kid. Maybe we need to start vetting folks before we let them into our national parks. I’m not sure who is more culpable with these stories – the parents or the children. Disgusting.

Bounce house flies onto California highway with child inside
Yes – the child was safe.

He lured young men looking for weed. Their bodies turned up in a pig roaster.
Sigh. I can’t even…….

Ukraine says military dolphins captured by Russia went on hunger strike
Again – I can’t add to this. You needed to read the article, which was even more unbelievable than the headline.

Bear breaks into SUV, eats 24 cupcakes
Okay, the bear one made me smile. And then I read the article where it says this particular family has had the bear visit before and eat food, THAT THEY HAVE LEFT ACCESSIBLE. They want the bear killed. As one commentator said – why not STOP leaving food OUT???

1 Response to “Headlines I’d Have Preferred NOT to See”

  1. 1 ahuva18 May 17, 2018 at 3:18 pm

    Sometimes it’s not a headline. Today it was a photo that truly shocked me. Maybe the young woman could pose in her white dress with her assault rifle over her shoulder standing under the Kent State sign because she is young. I went cold when I saw it. THE SONG started going through my mind but I blanked on a word. I went to search it – put in lyrics and paused there as I mentally sang it so I could remember the title. But I didn’t have to remember – the 2nd suggestion from the search engine was “lyrics Ohio Crosby”. Obviously I am not alone.

    I believe in responsible gun ownership. But to stand at Kent State, in May, with an assault rifle….. *shaking head*

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