Renovations Resume

IMG_8765We passed the inspection earlier this week and we are now back on track! The drywall came in on Wednesday. I was so out of practice of renovation blogging that I forgot to take a picture of all of the drywall boards lined up in the kitchen. I wasn’t home Thursday but when I got back there were walls! It is amazing how the size of the room seems to change depending on each new stage. I’d gotten used to the BIG kitchen area. Now it seems small again.

I fled the house again on Friday so I have no idea what it sounds like when they are building walls and ceilings, nor when they begin filling in the cracks. What I DO know, however, is that drywall makes lots and lots and lots of white dust. IMG_8780We grilled on the deck last night for dinner. The front hall looked much the same except that I cleaned it already. 🙂 And that even if no work is happening in the basement, there is sufficient banging and thudding upstairs to create dust and chips and mess downstairs. So much for all my vacuuming and dusting last weekend. I had to sweep up debris again last night when I went downstairs to wash some dishes. I am longing for a kitchen sink with running water.

I’m still a tad ignorant about the whole drywall business. I gather there is still more to be done, that it (something) takes multiple coats. They are due back on Monday to do more whatever. In the meantime my painter stopped by on Friday and chatted with the workers. It seems as though he might be able to prime the walls and paint the ceilings beginning Wednesday or Thursday. I’m told that depends on how quickly the walls dry, which is impacted by humidity. New Jersey. Summer. Rain forecast for Monday and Tuesday. There will be humidity.

IMG_8781After the walls we get a floor. That will be wonderful because despite all of the warning, and despite knowing better, I keep walking through the construction bare-foot. Yes, invariably I find sharp things on the floor. Much like stepping on Lego blocks – no serious damage to the foot but EXTREMELY uncomfortable.

Where was I hiding while the seams and cracks in the wall were being filled? A friend had invited me to go down the shore with her for the day. IMG_8772Twist my arm. 🙂 I promptly rescheduled my dentist appointment, cancelled one of my meetings for Friday and sent my regrets for the others. I’d much rather be breathing salt air, and hearing the sound of wind and waves and happy beach sounds than breath white dust and hear hammering. I’ll have plenty of that on Monday, I’m sure.

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