We Haz Counters!

IMG_9187The counters arrived Tuesday. I love them. The color, as I said previously, is not quite what I expected, but it is still gold enough to make me happy. I may have gotten the color a bit more true in these pictures, but still not 100% right. The most surprising thing about this delivery, compared to all the other deliveries, is that NO ONE called to confirm that someone would be home. I’d told them last week when we were there that I’d be home, but there was no confirmation email or phone call. Considering all the other deliveries of appliances and online orders that insisted someone be home, I found it interesting that no one was checking about access for the counters.

IMG_9184There were 3 workers. They came. They surveyed. They rearranged. I mention this because the dishwasher is no longer sitting in front of its designated slot but is now partially blocking the way to the bathroom – it’s directly across from the refrigerator, which makes for a very tight fit. The pieces for the stove were exiled to the floor of the breakfast room. They were eagle-eyed, these workers. One look and they knew that more stone cutting was needed.

The stove will be nestled between the dining room door, cabinets, and the front hall. While the one flanking cabinet fits neatly and snugly against the dining room doorway, the companion quartz counter is larger than the cabinet and, therefore, either it or the doorway needed cutting. We all agreed that the counter would take the hit. Other than that, things moved quickly.IMG_9200 It has amazed me all through this project how quickly these professionals work. They come in, do the job, do it well, and go. It always seems to me that the task will take X hours, but it always gets done in <X. The workers are also so pleasant and helpful. While they were doing some setup and measuring I asked questions about the process. I had no sense that they were bothered by it – they definitely each took time to explain different aspects at some point. Educational and interesting.

IMG_9199As seen in the template, we have a large L-shaped slab, an unbroken piece of quartz from one end of the counter to under the sink. When I saw the 3 of them laboring with that slab, I was very, very glad I never had to make the decision about getting a slab for the breakfast room bay window seat. We would NEVER have been able to move that seat to get to the radiator. These were 3 big strong men and I could see that they had to really WORK to control that piece of quartz. But they did it and it’s gorgeous.

I got a bit nervous about the sink/faucet connection once I saw the installed sink. My memory had pictured the enlarged end as much longer than it is. IMG_9201I saw where they were going to drill for the hole and began worrying that my faucet was going to hit the wall behind it. I am extremely bad at visualizing space and item placement. (That is why my sister always had to pack my suitcase for me until she got me started on nylon packing cubes. šŸ™‚ ) I asked them about that after the hole was in and they said they were just about to test it. I did not say – and what if it doesn’t fit? My experience with these crews is that they fix any and everything. Sure enough, it fit beautifully. Now it is resting back in its box, awaiting its final destiny.

The only down-side to the counters was the smell. It was HORRIBLE. They used acetone to clean the quartz, and there was glue used between the wood and the quartz, and some caulking as well (I think). The acetone is horrendous. It was a day for a/c (“real feel” over 100 and HUMID) so the house was closed up. The smell is nauseating. IMG_9195Once they left I put every exhaust fan I had in the windows, opened the skylight, the back door, and the bathroom window and let the house air out. Luckily it did not take too long to get the smells to clear.

I took out the knobs and pulls and they look perfect to me with the cabinets and counter. I’m a little worried now about the finish I picked for the faucet, because I was thinking of the back splash at that time. I’m not sure if the oil-rubbed bronze is going to ‘work’. If things ever get put in place, we’ll find out then. It’s only a faucet – it can be replaced. Unlike the knobs and pulls which can never be replaced for 3 generations. šŸ™‚

IMG_9214So now I’m here waiting to hear something, anything about what might happen next. Sorry to say that despite my email yesterday, and the promise to get back to me with an update, I’ve heard nothing. Yes, I’m disappointed, even annoyed. The pieces I have are beautiful. It would be even more beautiful if they were also functional.

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