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Longing for Spring

growling gray skies
cold rain lashing the windows
spring hides below ground


So May 12th is Limerick day….

There once was a lass named Ahuva
Whose taste in footwear will school ya’
Her heels are soooo tall
But she doesn’t fall
It’s true, you know I don’t fool ya!


My answers are all surface.
What part don’t you get?

/grins at you all. If you are reading this, I don’t mean YOU. The person at whom this is directed does not read my blog. *grin*


The book has arrived.
Just 2 days left in the month.
Read it or listen????

Look into my eyes and say that

It’s community
that harnesses our passions
so we are civil.

This isn’t one of my better efforts, I know. It’s just that I’ve been contrasting my atomic life to my digital life. I’ve spent the last few days deeply immersed in my atomic family and community. I was reminded again that how the people I love can drive me crazy and I love love love them anyway. 🙂

I had a lovely holiday lunch where the talk covered topics dear to our hearts. We were passionate in our beliefs, our opinions, our statements. But even when we disagreed, we always looked at the others and pulled back from stepping over the line from that one final, killing, unforgivable remark. That doesn’t seem to happen much when people post to the internet. Certainly it doesn’t seem to happen much when the SL bloggers/plurkers/tweeters start ranting. I appreciate the internet. I value the ability to interact with the world. We are all aware of the vast good of a linked-in, linked-up network. But…… allow me to shed a quiet tear for the complete lack of civility. A tear for the hatred, cruelty, viciousness. I am not saying we must all agree. I am not saying not to protest, not to stand up for your beliefs, not to be passionate. The world NEEDS that commitment.

But look right into my eyes, SEE ME, and then, if you can, spew your hatred.

Fresh Start

It’s Rosh Hashanah!
Clear the slate, time to forgive.
Mend a broken heart.

🙂 L’Shanah Tovah Tikatevu!

Weekend Dayenu

It would help to know the song “Dayenu” if you want to read this post. *grin* And yes, I know that traditionally each verse of Dayenu is praise for the good thing that happened, not saying what SHOULD have happened, but hey, poetic license. I started and ended properly. For those of you who do NOT know Dayenu, but would like to hear a decent version of it (I cannot believe how many youTube versions there are of which I do NOT approve), I found this one: passover Dayenu I don’t know who they are, but basically they sing it the way *I* do – only the first 3 (of innumerable) verses and they sing it peppy. We do it fast and loud. *grin* So, here while we are still a good 6 months away from the REAL Dayenu, I give you Ahuva’s Weekend Dayenu:

If I’d only broke my diet,
ate bad foods, sat nice and quiet,
If I’d only broke my diet,

daih, dayenu
daih, dayenu
daih, dayenu
dayenu, dayenu!

If I’d only danced and partied
Danced with Sam and waved to Charlie (names changed to protect the innocent… guilty? *grin)
If I’d only dance and partied
Dayenu! (chorus)

If I’d only not slept badly,
tossed and turned, no resting gladly,
if I’d only not slept badly,
Dayenu! (chorus)

If I’d only packed much earlier
not waked up so rushed and surlier
If I’d only packed much earlier
Dayenu! (chorus)

If the van were built much smaller
meant for me not one much taller
If the van were built much smaller
Dayenu! (chorus)

If the weather had been sunny
Lots of music, fast and funny
If the weather had been sunny
Dayenu! (chorus)

If furniture could move by itself
bed, and chair and even bookshelf
If furniture could move by itself
Dayenu! (chorus)

If I’d brought all the stuff with me
not shopped at stuff-store and grocery
If I’d brought all the stuff with me
Dayenu! (chorus)

If I weren’t so compulsive
Had to do all that I could give
If I weren’t so compulsive
Dayenu! (chorus)

Thank Days Inn for clean hotel room
hot shower complete with shampoo
bed at 10, 4 up again
Dayenu! (chorus)

Interstate was dry and empty
me and trucks flew low, so tempting
made it home by rental deadline
Dayenu! (chorus)

Dropped off van, took dip in hot tub
what I needed was a back rub
went to sleep, woke, felt much better
DAYENU! (chorus)

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