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Passing the Time

sunriseLet me say first that I do NOT know WHEN we are leaving. This is apparently highly confidential, top-secret, “we have to kill you if we tell you” information that the moving company does not care to share. No, I don’t understand why not and I’m not pursuing it. Yes, they ARE a national moving company with franchises across the country. Trust me – when I know I will tell you.

We DIDN’T leave yesterday (obviously). Honour spent the day packing and running errands and in general, I think, running about like a crazy person trying to do everything that needed doing. I, always eager and willing to do my part, stayed out of her way. *grin* And who says I’m not helpful and thoughtful???? Clair and I went shopping and running about town. Ah, a note about my “running about”. One of my friends was soooo concerned about me being in the great vast wilds of Canada. She wanted to microchip me so that I could be found. Instead I got a cool app called Life360 on my phone. My sister and niece put it on their phones and we all had fun playing with it and seeing where we were going and where we were. My husband has a flip phone. That means, for those of you who don’t know what a flip phone might be, that he cannot put apps on his phone. I know – it’s a bit like a rotary landline kind of phone. *grin* I thought that maybe he’d like to be able to see where I was so I gave him my login information for the website version of the app. He was like oh yeah whatever. I spoke with him yesterday and he was having such fun tracking me all over the Vancouver area. *grin* Who knows, maybe this will help convince him that a smart phone might be a good idea.

Clair and I went shopping and I found a present for Honour and me – an army knife. scary bridge It was at a store that sells used items so it was VERY inexpensive. It was Tuesday, which apparently is discount day in Canada, and that meant an additional 30% off the price. I have to leave my wonderful Swiss army knife home when I fly so the TSA doesn’t confiscate it. I miss it terribly because there are so many times I need a blade for opening something, or a little scissors, or the tweezers. This knife is nowhere near as good as that but it does have the blades so we will have it handy if needed.

While we were driving about we had to cross water a few times – sometimes over, sometimes under. logs along the riverIf you look at a map of Delta, BC, you can see why it’s named Delta. Or as my friend said – a highly original name. Not. Some of you know the stories of me and my nightmare bridge. The original nightmare bridge is the Delaware Memorial bridge connecting NJ with Delaware. Clair and I were tootling along in her adorable red convertible (with the top down of course) when I looked ahead and saw this bridge LOOMING in the distance, rising up like the Dark Tower of Sauron. I asked “Are we going over THAT?” and of course the answer was yes. I did what any sensible person would do – started taking pictures so that I could blog it. 🙂 I have to say that although it looked nightmare-ish from a distance, it was the effect of the tower, and the actual rise and fall of the road was not that bad. But it did trigger the “nightmare bridge” quiver.

I’m a terrible travel blogger because I never remember to get the names of places and things (like that bridge). open bridgeWe had a lunch and then headed home the scenic way – along the Fraser River – hence another picture of the logs stored along the river banks. 🙂 As we cruised along, I saw another bridge – the kind of bridge that interests my husband (as opposed to the kind that makes my stomach turn over). We once used up 2 or 3 rolls of film in Maine taking pictures of the underside and sides and bridgekeeper’s booth of some bridge that was the last one of its kind in the country (see – I really stink at travel blogs. I’ll try to ask him what kind of bridge it was.) So this railroad bridge is for my husband. 🙂

Life being what it is, we ran into a huge traffic jam. Remember all that water that needs to be crossed? bridge for jimThere was an accident in the tunnel that we had to take. Traffic was crawling on the approach (I felt right at home 🙂 In a red convertible, stuck in traffic, but with the sun and fresh air on and around me feeling great). I missed another perfect opportunity as we passed a vineyard with a great sign: Sips happen – Come in and Wine. That sign would have been a great picture. And I don’t remember the name of that place either. 😦 Something meadows maybe?

We made it through the tunnel eventually and back home where Clair needed to prepare for arriving guests. We met up on the front porch this time for spritzers and sat there chatting and laughing until Phil (guest) arrived. He joined us for for a spritzer and we compared notes on travel, work and life. He confirmed that not only do Jersey Girls Not Pump Gas but Oregon gals do not either. That is the other state where attendants must pump the gas. He headed off to do his thing, I verified that Honour was alive and well (but not interested in dinner) and Clair and I headed out for Greek food. There was a nice little restaurant about 3 blocks away where we sat outside on the patio. We had a pleasant upbeat waitress and we wined and dined and then headed on back home.

I think I’m adjusted this morning to the correct time zone as I was sound asleep by 10:15 and woke at about 5:30. I got up, washed, brushed my teeth and got dressed (that last list was all for my sister, who will get the joke. Oh okay – I’ll share. Our mother always used to enumerate those tasks as things that ‘had to be done’ whereas to us they were/are things that just get done without mention). I took my phone and laptop out to the front porch to blog. (See the sunrise picture up above). As I wrote the latest guests, who arrived well after I was asleep, came out onto the porch to say good morning. But that’s a post for another day.

clockvine flowers

Clockvine flowers on the front porch (they’re also called Black-eyed Susan Vine)

Altruism Pays Off

L+N Signature DesignsSeveral weeks ago I was shopping with a friend. She’d not been inworld in quite a bit and we were cruising steampunk locations to see what was new since her last go-round. We found ourselves at L+N Signature Designs admiring the fantastic vehicles as well as the clothing. She admired the way-cool Steampunk Giro-cycle but it didn’t appear to be for sale. 😦 I sent an IM to the builder, brgn.halberstam. Hunting at -BHD-Duquesa DesignsI got a lovely reply, explaining that the Giro-cycle was not for sale because it had been created for the Steam the Hunt 8 hunt taking place March 1-31. I made a note of that, thinking that we could do the hunt in an effort to get the Giro-cycle.

I started off on the hunt last night. I’m on vacation this week. My original plans were changed and I found myself with lots of free time. Wow. I don’t remember the last time I had unscheduled days. I thought that I might try to do the hunt. I’m usually abysmal at these hunts. If I didn’t have a friend along with me to help me find the clues and the prizes, I’d never move past the first stop. Hunting at The Steam RoseThis time, however, I began to get a feel for why hunts are so popular. As usual the first location was making me feel stupid, with a seeing disorder. But after finally stumbling on the prize, the whole hint concept began to feel clearer. I had my camera range waaaaaay long, something I’d never done in the past. I would cam all the way out, and see the general area. It’s taken me years to learn to use my camera more efficiently (yes, literally years). I started to have success. It was – fun. Imagine that. Fun. 🙂 I came back in this morning and continued the same way. Ultimately I hit a location where no matter what I tried, I could not find the item. I thought “so what”. What I’d never realized before was that the hunts publish a list of SLURLS for people like me – so even if we can’t find the prize with the next location, we can jump to the next location anyway. We don’t have to drop out because of one unfound prize.

oura and ahuva on their steampunk giro-cyclesSince I was by myself, and had no time restrictions, I took the time to do what the hunts intend – look around the stores and perhaps shop. I nearly bought a steampunk throne/chair but decided it was a bit too large for someone hoping to down-size her property prims. I did get a VERY nifty pair of red boots and had a lovely chat with the store owner. Be sure to head over to –BHD-/Duquesa Designs and check out the -BHD- Aliz boots and chat with Renata Constantine (renate.marchionne) of Duquesa Designs.

the machine guns workI picked up some new deck chairs as well – I’ve had the old ones for several years now. I loved the rose pattern on Emma’s 1-prim Lush Roses Deck Chair at Emma’s @ Blue Moose. And along the way I picked up a sundress at CERO Style. That was a difficult purchase because I wanted SEVERAL dresses there. 🙂 I finally decided on the ;;;Helene;;;; in cream.

Aliz bootsBy the time I made it over to L+N Signature Design, Oura had joined me. We were there for over an hour, admiring the creations, the elevator the clothes, the ambiance, the hair. We did indeed find the Giro-cycle. *grin* We both bought new steampunk outfits (check them out in the pictures above). We got the gift hair, Duality, as well. Flush with all our new goodies, we headed home to change and take the cycles out for a spin. *laughing* Okay – although it was fun, it was NOT easy. We both crashed at sim crossings and had to reboot. We ended up in my neighbor’s house and got invited to join the land group. 🙂 We got the hang of it, though, and headed down the road. I was feeling quite confident by the time I added the HUD and started firing my machine gun. Well. Who KNEW that I could set fire to the berm? /me looks about guiltily, but with my hand still on the trigger. relaxing in my new Helene dress on my Emma chair Once the smoke cleared, we headed off to hunt again!

All of these goodies for ME! Just because I wanted to buy a present for a friend. 🙂

One Prim. Really.

I’m not good with change. If things are going to change, I’d prefer a lot of lead time, a lot of information, a measure of control, a schedule, detailed instructions. I’m not one of those women who use a different purse for each outfit. I don’t look at my house and decide “let’s repaint this room”. I hate shopping for furniture, wall-paper, paint, accessories. “If it’s not broke – don’t fix it” works for me. But every now and then, even I realize that a bit of change might do some good.

That notion first began to creep into my head when I was reading Inara Pey’s blog way back in November. She reviewed the PrimPossible line of furniture by Ample Clarity. Ample uses sculpties to build furniture – and does it all with a single prim. Not just A chair in a prim. But Ample can do a pack of char/sofa/rug/table/plant/etc for ONE prim. Not only a single prim – but with animations. I run out of prim space repeatedly. One prim furniture? That would gain me a LOT of room.

I wandered over to PrimPossible to see what was there. The furniture is more modern and streamlined than my usual taste, but it looks so good all put together. The sets are out on display and you can bounce about trying them all. There are more chairs and sofas upstairs as well.

I went there several times – alone, with Lalo, with Oura. Everytime I was there, Ample Clarity IM’d us, greetings us warmly, offering to answer any questions. He’s NOT pushy – he’s warm, friendly and properly attentive. I began chatting with him about the line, explaining that while in one sense I didn’t NEED any furniture, I was intrigued by his one-prim creations. I think that had I not recently spent time adjusting all the poses in my hot tub, I’d have ditched it and gone home with the one-prim version from Ample. That may still happen. 🙂 I explained to Ample that what I really wanted at the moment was a chair with poses (most of his sofas have multiple poses but the chairs have a pose). Ample told me that he was in the process of coming out with a new item – sofas that could be retextured. I thought that was great and asked about the possibility of his adding poses to chairs. Ample doesn’t do custom work, but my timing was perfect. He was still in the early stages and could add poses. He decided that the concept had merit and so he told me to come back in a week for chairs with poses and the retexture feature. I thanked him for his help and said I’d be back. I think Lalo was with me that time. As we said our goodbyes, Ample gifted us both with a free one-prim piano. It’s extremely attractive! It has multiple poses, allowing for a single pianist or duets. The piano plays songs as well – pick from Bach, Brahms, Couperin, Grieg, Mendelssohn or Saint-Saens.

I went back with Oura in a week. The new chairs are more rounded and padded than the previous style and that works better for my tastes. There are many textures you can choose. There are single poses (guy, girl, unisex, and silly) and couple poses too. In other words, the chairs are a delight. One-prim, reasonably priced. Again, Ample gifted both Oura and I with freebies.

I have both my chairs tucked into the corner of my bedroom. I find during the winter I spend more time there than in the sky box or by the pool. I LOVE the chairs. They are perfect for sitting and shmoozing. I love doing business with Ample. He is gracious, attentive, he listens, he has a sense of humor and he does great work. I see that he is now doing kitchens as well as lounge and bedroom suites. Were my bed not a gift from my dear friend Bailey Longcloth, I would be over there at PrimPossible getting a new bed, too. Go check it out for yourself.

A New Addition to the Cales

My good friend Hunter took a break from SL for a bit, but he returned this past fall. YAY!!!! SO glad to have you back in town, Hunter! And Hunter looks better than ever because he is accompanied by the lovely Catarina. Hunter and Cate expanded my life by introducing me to the Vroom Vroom Reindeer. *grin* But they expanded THEIR lives by having an SL baby! So the Cales are now THREE: Hunter, Cate and Quakenado James. 🙂 Isn’t he adorable? And so well-behaved too – no fussing or complaining even though we were hanging out at lucky boards chatting.

I have to mention these lucky boards and the lovely lovely jewelry you can buy and win. yoona Mayo is the creator of ::Cocoon:: jewelry. I LOVE her work. I first encountered yoona’s jewelry when I was modeling for Shenlei Flasheart. Shen often paired her outfits with yoona’s jewelry and I had some great necklaces from then. Shen had another fashion show in January (Auld Acquaintance) and sent me the Look-Book for it. Her dresses were gorgeous and paired again with yoona’s jewelry. I fell in love with one of the necklaces and KNEW it would be perfect for my Erev New Year’s Eve dress. I contacted yoona to confirm the style name (Isis). yoona not only gave me that information, but also clued me in to her shop *PDD* Pas De Deux Annex in Juliet with all the lucky boards. *grin* Of course, she’s very clever besides generous. You can’t win BOTH the earrings and the necklace of a style. You’ll end up buying one of them. But her prices are soooooo reasonable and the pieces are well worth the L$s.

So Cate and I were hanging out at the lucky boards, chatting, when Hunter and Quake showed up. We got to talking about past events, and dress up affairs, and ball gowns, and lucky chairs. I remembered one store that I adored. It had a lucky chair and the most gorgeous outfits. Several of the clothes I’ve been wearing this winter season were from Haute Couture Sim Fashion by Moxie Polano. Several months ago I’d gone looking for HC, but I must have used the wrong LM and didn’t use search and so I didn’t find them. While we were talking, Hunter and I both searched and found Moxie and the store. So we tp’d there to look at the fashions. Still stunning, but no more lucky chair. *laughing* That lucky chair was SOOOOO popular, there was a velvet rope put up so we wouldn’t crowd the chair, and we had to wait behind the rope, hoping for our letter. The dress I wore for Erev New Year’s Eve was Moxie’s from Haute Couture. I staked out that chair for DAYS to get that dress. 🙂 I’m so glad Moxie and HC are both still here.

I think it speaks very well of Quake AND his parents that he shopped and tp’d with no fuss and no, ahem, accidents. *grin* Maybe next time we get together I will even nerve myself sufficiently to hold him. *grin* Congratulations Cate and Hunter!!!! I wish you much joy and happiness! *HUGS*

Who Loves Me?

OMG!!! The last 12 hours have seen an influx of unexpected gifts in my life. One is easily explained. *grin* My husband was multi-tasking, doing things in a hurry and shipped our gift to his mother to OUR house. *laughing* I KNEW the free shipping was too good to be true. Then there was this little box for me – a Chanukah gift. A candy-coated caramel apple from Amy’s Gourmet Apples along w/ 4 chocolate truffles. No card. I called Amy’s to find out the name of my benefactor. They said there was a piece of paper included that said “Fulfillment Center”. Well, yes, but what does that MEAN???? Apparently it’s some bank or other company program. You accumulate points, can pick a gift with those points and either claim the gift for yourself or send it to someone else. I seem to be the someone else, but I have no idea who to thank for the generous thought and yummy gift.

This morning I logged into SL and received a box from Xstreet SL: A Magic Box from Mahalee Breen – the Machinista All Red Viewer 2.          OMG!!!!! LOOK AT THEM!!!!!!! AREN’T THEY GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! They are from Carmen’s Shoes.

Who loves me??? Who do I thank? Yet again – no card was included. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!!!! Oh I WANT these shoes in EVERY life I lead. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

Shopped til I Dropped

Last night I indulged myself in SL the way I won’t allow myself to indulge in my FL. Can I blame Oura???? Sigh. Not really. It was MY idea to go back to Christmas at the House of Avro so I could buy Oura a motorized reindeer. 🙂 Once there, and the reindeer safely in Oura’s inventory, we started to look around. I can’t resist rides and there was a trolley! So we hopped on and rode about the sim. There are several stores there all focused on the holiday/winter season. I saw many things that appealed. Most of the outfits I liked were copy/mod/no transfer. I saw a great sweater outfit that I thought Lalo might like. And that’s when I fell off the no-shopping wagon.

In order to buy a gift, I needed to sign into the SL Marketplace. I’ve not done that in ….. forever? I tend to browse online and then go to the stores to buy. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I am terrible at reading directions. Oura walked me through buying via the Marketplace. Then we went a little crazy, browsing and shopping there. Wow. *grin* There is a LOT of stuff there. A lot of FREE holiday gifts also. Oura is VERY good at finding bargains.

In the midst of our online shopping spree, a message came out from our SL Divine Diva Group, a group for the folk who LOVE shopping at Lemania Indigo Designs. There was an “A” on the Lucky Chair! Wildcard Prize!!! How could I not go? So we tp’d over to Lemania. I arrived upside down (I REALLY need to remove that animation from the HUD) and with things rezzing slowly, but I managed to sit on the chair and score the prize. 🙂 Since we were THERE, we picked up the group gift. Played in the Christmas animations. Then hopped back to Avro’s Christmas to check out decorations.

Christmas at the House of Avro has a lot of free holiday decorations. In the photo on top you can see that I indulged with the hot cider and the hat and a snowball. You can see the pine swag that I won the other night. What’s that on my head? Silly you. Those are my reindeer antlers complete with mistletoe. Get it??? I’m under the mistletoe. /me waits for a kiss. 🙂

We did a bit of shopping online. But we also went to the stores and shopped “in avatar”. That’s a lot of fun and you see many more interesting items that way. The Marketplace is convenient, and necessary for giving gifts at times. But please remember to patronize the stores inworld. I promise that you will find that experience rewarding.

So what do we have here?

Christmas at the House of Avro:
Pine Swag animated lights v1 pa
Hot Apple Cider (with animation)
Snowball Thrower (animation)
Free Santa Hat Ho!Ho!Ho!
Free Winter Outfits
Deer Antlers & mistletoe

Sentou Yousei (battle fairy):
*BF* Little Black Boots (thank you Oura!!!! *hugs*)

Lemania Indigo Designs:
I Desire You

From the Marketplace:
*Milady’s* -Magic Time- Extra high heels red ankle boots with white fur (Christmas free gift)
Gift Belissima Bikine
Dafne Boutique Christmas Gift
Kabuki Creations – Skating Gift

Vroom Vroom Reindeer

As the Beach Boys sing, “Christmas comes this time each year”. SL is known to pull out all the stops and celebrate loudly and joyously. I don’t celebrate Christmas myself, really, but I love the celebrations and enjoy all the hubbub that comes around. Sometimes I get lucky and have something that *I* can celebrate as well. This is one of those years! My dear friend Hunter has returned to SL after nearly two years away. You were missed, Hunter.

Hunter taught me the fun of wandering along the SL roads seeking adventure. This year Hunter taught me something else new. Well, maybe not Hunter. I *think* that this was all Cate’s idea – Hunter’s good friend. They were decorating their house for the holiday. I was lounging about, IM’ing and waiting for Taunter’s show. Hunter invited me over to see their house and meet Cate. Sounded like a great way to spend an SL evening!

I loved their style. Nice clean simple light wood, Grecian urns, stained glass, lots of light and windows. Truly a home in which I could be comfortable. Cate is a joy, and we had fun teasing Hunter. Hey – isn’t that what we girls DO??? Gang up on the guys? Of course it is. 🙂 SO nice to meet you Cate!!!!!

Then I wandered outside to see their Christmas decorations. Not surprisingly perhaps, I was drawn more to the cute little reindeer out front than to the Nativity scene. Imagine my delight when Cate told me I could RIDE the reindeer. She obligingly set the permissions to public and I hopped on. I nearly fell off from laughing. The “reindeer” contains a motorcycle script/animation. You can rev the “engine” (I don’t even want to think about HOW that reindeer made that noise) and there are 3 speeds. I raced about the property laughing and laughing. I asked Cate to hop on so I could take some pictures – I wanted the “exhaust” and I couldn’t get that and the picture at the same time. I LOVE that reindeer. I tp’d Dale in for a look too because it was simply too cute not to share. Then it was time for Taunter so Cate and Hunter gave me the shopping info: Christmas at the House of Avro. Make sure you go to the Christmas store btw, not the main castle.

I enjoyed Taunter but couldn’t stop thinking of the reindeer. *grin* So I tp’d over and FOUND them!!! Right next to the snow mobiles, outside, just as Hunter had instructed. “Snowmobile reindeer”. They are adorable AND inexpensive AND you can copy them. But you can’t transfer them. Otherwise every one of you would have one right now as a gift!!!!!

I went home and rezzed them for the ducks to see. They were mildly amused but not interested in riding. Chestnut logged on then and I IM’d her, imploring and pleading with her to COME RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! *grin* Chestnut is so good to me. She came and her response was all that I hoped. She was as amused as I. We mounted, revved the…. whatever…. and headed for the road. See??? There are REASONS I live right next to a Linden Highway. Neither of us was particularly adept at steering in the beginning, but we got much better. Ches flew down the road. I was trying to take pictures and I was laughing. I have no idea in which sim I was when I tp’d Lalo in to join us. *grin* Thank goodness you can rez objects on the roads. We started off again, trying to catch Chestnut, who was about 3 sims ahead of us.

We dodged AnnMarie’s trucks and property lines that froze us and our reindeer rode under the road and over the road. 🙂 We laughed and laughed and vroomed and vroomed. All too soon it was time to logout for all of us. But we’ll be back. *grin* The Reindeer Gang will Ride AGAIN!!!

You can join us. Get yourself to Christmas at the House of Avro. They have a lot of free gifts as well. Plus while I was standing about admiring the stock, I won the ‘Pine swag animated lights’ just for being there! Be sure to dress warmly – it started snowing on me while I was checking out the snowmobiles!

Bamboo’s Backpack

It’s fun to indulge a friend’s hobbies and passions. You may have noticed that I’m EXTREMELY fond of Bamboo, my shoulder pet. Even if you did not notice that, Oura and Calli did. They were shopping last week and found a backpack. Hmmm. Not really a backpack, but a shoulder bag, a baby bag. But a baby bag for baby PANDAS! 🙂 They both agreed that it was a perfect gift for me. At least that is how they TELL the story, but it soon became apparent that the gift was not for ME but for Bamboo. The shoulder bag is adorable, made by Akasha Wachmann and can be found at .:-CatniP-:. or on the Second Life Marketplace.

Bamboo hopped into the bag as soon as he saw it, claiming the panda toys for his own. He also claimed the bamboo shoot but I was not going to argue about them. The bag is adorable – baby pandas, baby bottles for the pandas, toys, bamboo shoots for snacking, a little cloth for cleaning up accidents. Even a photo. ‘Boo settled right in. Currently he’s deciding on names. I assume he will inform me when he’s reached a decision. Obviously tending to baby pandas is strenuous work, so Bamboo curled up and took a nap there with them. We are having our usual disagreement about my hair. You will have to look carefully, but I DID trim the ends a bit for him. I figured it was trim them myself or find them gnawed.

As I looked at Bamboo all cozy in his backpack, I remembered that I’d wanted to get him a set of motorcycle leathers for when we were biking. I thought: “Now THERE’S a business I’ve not seen in SL – outfits for shoulder pets.” I checked out the profile for Xiant Hax, Bamboo’s creator. Xiant has the store Animinimals in world (I think I have that correct.) Xiant is also associated with Desibo! Design Studios. I IM’d Xiant to express my wish for outfits for Bamboo and discovered that Animinimals already HAS a panda shoulder pet that can wear outfits!!!! See – everything IS in SL. Animinimals panda v.3 shoulder pet can wear outfits. *grin* You can buy the outfit pack from the Second Life Marketplace. I was thrilled except…. it would mean upgrading from Bamboo to v.3. And v.3 does NOT look like Bamboo. 😦 I did try to cajole outfits for v2.3, but Xiant is in the middle of a very big project right now, as documented on the blog. That’s why the store is closed temporarily. I’m hoping that when this major project is out in the open and the store reopens, I might be able to finagle bike leathers and a safari outfit for Bamboo. *grin* That way he and I can BOTH go hiking and biking in style!

Sailing in the Air

I love to sail. I haven’t done much lately (well, actually Bamboo and I went sailing early one morning last week) but I do enjoy it. So when a friend invited me to sail in his new ship, I was delighted. Except…. *grin* …. his new ship is an AIR ship, and the invite was to sail in the skies above the water. And above the land.

I got to Grace O’clock the other night, which is always a dual pleasure. The joy of hearing Grace sing combined with seeing so many friends makes for a wonderful time. One of the attendees was my friend Lalo Telling. Lalo has a great blog, where he chronicles SecondLife history as well as adventures in building in SL and InWorldz. He and his partner Alisa Falconvale have great buildings for sale at Falconvale Fine Prefabs in InWorldz. Recently he got a wonderful new steampunk airship. Steampunk is another fave of mine (oh let’s be real – who DOESN’T like steampunk, right???) so I wheedled and whined for a ride, which Lalo offered graciously.

The airship is the Aer Viator, a steampunk airship. It’s made by the Bondar-Foehammer Aerosteam Company in SL. It has fun sound effects, neat dials and is VERY good-looking. It also handles sim crossings like a champ. I felt a bit of a shimmer but that was it. (When I think how I crashed and crashed on my motorcycle for Chestnut’s birthday motorcycle rally….) The ship is only 30 prims, which I think is reasonable and holds 2 passengers in addition to the pilot (pffft. Lalo insisted on being the pilot. I don’t LIKE being in the back seat. Pout. ) It was a great deal of fun. Even better – the Aer Viator is still on an introductory special, so if you hurry, you too can be an Aer Viator Pilot!

Fleur de Calli

I spent a LOT of time this weekend in my garden – cleaning the beds, weeding, pruning bushes, pruning an ailing Japanese maple, planting perennials. I came inworld in the evening for friends and music. Calli fits the bill for both friends AND music – she is one of my favorite DJs, spinning tunes at Tribeca and Fogbound regularly, as well as other locales. But with gardening on my mind, I remembered that I never mentioned Calli’s OTHER venture – besides her fantastic photography and DJing. We can now enjoy Fleur de Calli, a lovely little flower shop in Puli.

It was early March when the shop opened. Still too gray and cold and miserable to be in my organic garden. Calli tp’d me into the shop and immediately I felt more relaxed and cheerful. FLOWERS!!!! 🙂 Beautiful orchids in graceful pots. You can change the color of the pots to suit your decor or mood.

I found the white flower in the corner to be extremely striking. I asked Calli about it and she told me that it was the result of a mis-click when creating. Quite a fortuitous misclick, I would say!

So the next time you need a hostess gift, or a little pick-me-up for yourself, or even just a visit to a clean, well-built space, drop by Fleur de Calli for your flower power.

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