How it all Began

Thursday, June 19

It started innocently enough, as these things do. I was following a thread in a private social networking site, which led to another thread and another. I found myself on a site that extolled the wonders of SL. SL? Never heard of it, but the post was intriguing. Someone else commented. So I followed that thread, but was still unenlightened. I was IM’ing with a coworker – a young man, definitely more in touch w/ games and trends than I am. He didn’t know too much about SL either, but was somewhat scornful and dismissive. “No point, no goal” he said. “Why bother?” It sounded like role-playing to me – pretending to be someone or something else. Not especially appealing. But I googled SL and found more and more articles and threads and information.

So I turned to my officemates. WHY would anyone want to do this?? One coworker is always game to argue the other side. He said to me “Hey, when your husband is watching TV, or playing a game on the computer, and you want something to do, what do you do? You might like to go down to the corner tavern and have a drink and chat with friends. Except there is no corner tavern, drinking has too many calories, you couldn’t drive there and back, and you go to sleep too early.” I couldn’t argue with any of that! He said “But if you could log on to SL and hang out somewhere chatting with someone, you’d enjoy that.” And I had to admit, that did sound appealing. “And besides” B added “a month ago you would have scoffed at the idea that you would have any use or interest in social networking.” Touche! My manager (and friend) took up the baton. “Figure out how we can have a virtual scrum” he said. We can hold a meeting in SL.

And that’s how I was hooked, as simple as that. Learn something new that might be fun both socially and professionally. Why not?