Revisit to Curio Obscura

Rendervisions Isle
I am totally swamped in RL work, so I am doubly fortunate that I received this guest post from Oura Scribe. Thank you!! Glad you like the Curio Obscura build so much! (slurl: Isle/170/156/77). Thanks for filling in for me!

ballroom hatThank you to Hunter for finding this place, and to Ahuva for blogging about it. Jonah and I decided to head over and check out Curio Obscura for ourselves. Oh my! What we found was Rendervisions, a wonderful little island.

The Curio Obscura shop is everything Ahuva said and more. I think my favorite thing was the HUGE stuffed bear on the 3rd floor. I enjoyed it so much I totally forgot to take a picture. That one is something that you have to experience anyway, so go on over and experience it. It is not for the faint at heart. LOL

Oura the clockFrom the HUGE wig with its own built in ballroom, the clock with avatar hands, to the rocketship on the roof…. oh and can’t leave out the control room where you can move the “store’s” arms, this is an amazing little shop. Ohh Oh Oh Oh, I loved the blow up rubber woman avatar. Yes, that one was a good laugh, and a great avatar. I went from item to item and floor to floor laughing out loud and enjoying the unique items available.

house on fireOnce we tore ourselves away from the shop (actually we blasted off of the roof), we found ourselves in a whole island of unique and wonderful things. A very well executed build I might add. An art gallery, which I personally enjoyed looking thru, a carriage ride around the sim, and an aircraft ride over the trees, looking at the sunset.

taking offWe discovered so many interesting things and very much enjoyed this little excursion. I also discovered that my honey wants to live on a house boat. Hmmmm, time to remove the grotto and shrink the island I suppose. Good thing it’s sl and all of that is so easily done in no time. I wonder if Rendervisions will sell me a House Boat?
weather vane

Curio Obscura

Curio Obscura
something for everyoneMy friend Hunter finds the neatest places to visit. I’ve told you how we wandered Route 8. The other day he took me to Curio Obscura, a wonderful store full of the most curious objects by Pandora Wrigglesworth. As Pandora says on her website: At Curio Obscura, you will find Steampunk, Gothic Lolita, Clockwork, Dollism, Humor, Fashion, Historical Recreation/Reinterpretation, Animation, Magique, Vehicles, and whatever else pops into my twisted imagination.

I know I can fitThe store itself is worth a visit, even if the inventory weren’t so wonderful. It reminded me of the stories of Babba Yagga, except that house was on chicken legs. This store is on, um, well, it appears to be on metallic limbs and crustacean legs. *grin* I didn’t notice the house spinning about while we were in it, but who knows? Wouldn’t surprise me in the least had we been twirling.

a bit hard on the kneesI was certainly spinning and twirling INSIDE, trying to read all the different posters: Flying topters, clockwork inside, copper stockings, clockwork mustache, flying saucer skirt, Fun Fur Jacket, the horseless gown and more. Hunter indulged himself and now has a clockwork mustache. I have the flying topter, courtesy of Hunter. Thank you SO much for the generous gift! *grin* Unfortunately, the picture of me flying in my topter hat will have to wait – technical difficulties with laptops and connections and all sorts of annoying hardware-type issues.

almost thereWhat I can show you are all the toys with which I payed while I was there. There was a demo area where I got to try the broomcycle, the flying saucer skirt, the horseless gown and the oui coupe. I was laughing so hard that my pictures are worse than usual and so is my documentation. I didn’t write down all the proper descriptions. But I think the pictures I do have tell a sufficient story and convey some of the humor and fun of Curio Obscura.

Ahuva's car and hairGood thing I have Hunter to scout out these places for me!! *grin* Not only do I have fun, get wonderful toys, but I get blog material too. *Hugs*




horseless gown


flying saucer skirt









The Sea Crystal Carousel

Sea Crystal Carousel
Natalya and Ahuva ride the carouselI love to play in SL. I am always thrilled when I discover a build that lets me interact with the objects there. I love doing things in SL that I love to do in RL. Somehow the juxtaposition of the virtual world with the real world tickles my fancy. That’s why I enjoy sailing, horseback riding, go Karts. So you know I was thrilled when Calli showed me the Sea Crystal Carousel.

Panacea and her sea turtleThe Sea Crystal Carousel is part of a sim recreating Battery Park, NY. My friend Panacea Luminos is part of the SecondLife “NY HealthScape” project. They are recreating Battery Park as a way to represent NYC in their project. They researched Battery Park and began laying out the paths, the seawall, the Castle Clinton, the labyrinth and park areas, reproducing the Battery Lamps and gardens. Panacea came across the plans for the Sea Glass Carousel, which has undergone many years of planning and revisions, and she fell in love with the music and etheral undersea experience of it all. She started dreaming and scheming on how to get it built. As she tells the story:

A friend recommended a builder ~ Foamy Bosch~ Most excellent with interesting geometric shapes and Prim Torture Master! After minimal exchange of ideas, Foamy went off to the top secret building location in the sky…and three days later, had the structure. dolphins, sea turtles and NatThen I was off to find dear friend Ms Martini Discovolante, who creates amazing carousels and sculptures…within two SL minutes, she accepted the commission and enlisted her scripting partner Marion Questi to do the scripting of the windows, carousel and embedding the music. To reproduce the moving images, I never hesitated in calling Calliygipian Christensen, the most amazing SL photographer I’ve met to date, though there are many I admire. As the images had to change and move and work with the starting of the music and the ride AND deal with the alphas, it was quite a puzzle. After several tries, we sent an SOS to RumbleR Boa, who swooped in and saved the day. Music was the final piece, and Calli sugggested Kyle Beltran…and a wonderful find he was, so easy to work with and totally got the drift. So within a few weeks, testing, laying in the parts…the collaborative build ” The SeaCrystal Carousel in Battery Park, WaterWay New York was realized…

oura and jonah ride the carouselI absolutely LOVE it. I have lost count of how many times I have ridden it. *grin* I have tried to bring everyone I know there. If I haven’t brought you yet – don’t worry. I will. Since I never get off the ride once I’m there, I have had to limit my visits so that I can do other things with my life. LOL. Although – not sure that other things are better than riding the carousel. But don’t wait for me – go yourself. You can find it here It is beautiful at any time, but I find it especially magical at midnight. There are more pictures up on my Flickr account.

Nat rides the dolphinIt is truly an amazing ride. The animals go up and down, the music is magical and dreamy, the setting is wonderful. There are many other things to see in Waterway NY. The grounds are beautiful and are filled with art and sculpture. You can sit on a bench and look at the water and relax. Get yourself to Battery Park and discover what New Yorkers have known forever.

Winter Fun

Apparently it’s winter. That means snow. Silly me, my idea of heaven, paradise, perfection is the beach – hot sun, warm sand, ocean breeze, waves. But everywhere I go in SL it’s snowing. It was snowing at the AIDS benefit concert. It has snowed at the Crown and Pearl. Shengri La is covered with snow. And Aintree Willow is snowbound as well. So fine. Thank goodness I found a freebie jacket in my inventory. It will keep me going til I have time to go shopping for something else. Shopping – a hobby for all seasons.

aintree-willow-in-winterHonour is my good friend. She has rescued me when I threw myself under a bus (um, for those of you who don’t know what that means, it has to do with trees. Even more than that – I owe my SL home to Honour. I love wandering about Aintree in her gardens, seeing all the neat things that she builds. So when Honour says that she’s built this wonderful new toboggan ride and I should come be among the first to try it, well, of course I go. Despite the snow. The cold. The fact that I am really really bad at steering. The fact that I do NOT have winter-appropriate clothing.

I got to be among the first to slide down the tobaggon slide. My first attempt – oh my word. I missed the sliding-tube-2tube entirely and hit the wall by the fire. 🙂 I TOLD you I don’t steer very well. So I sat and sulked in a chair by the fire, trying to thaw my frozen toes while the other three went sliding down the chutes. Once they’d finished debugging the scripts (oh now – THAT must have been why I couldn’t steer, right??) and were standing about discussing the neat twists and turns, I decided that it was time to try again. So I made them explain VERY CAREFULLY exactly what it was I was supposed to do. Gee, it couldn’t be simpler. You right-click the toboggan and sit on it. Then you use your arrow keys to move forward and through the chute. Yes – you need to steer once you are in there. I admit it – it is a blast!!! A lot of fun, with wonderful wind sound effects as you speed down and through the chute. Very cool, very fun. Definitely a place you can take the whole family.

too-lazy-to-leave-the-fireFor those of you who, like me, think you prefer the creature comforts of the lodge, Honour has provided that as well. Big comfy chairs around the fire, with hot cocoa and coffee available. You can TP from the bottom of the mountain to the top and back again, no toboggan slide necessary. There are free ice skates available and a free sled. LOTS to do and enjoy. Even for a beach gal such as myself. 🙂 I had fun! Thanks Honour!



towers-in-insilicoWhat a fantasy! Thrilling. Dark. Space-age. Odd. Detailed. Insilico is a fantastic build. From the sound effects to the lighting to the stores to the buildings themselves – you are elsewhere and elsewhen. It was totally different than anyplace *I* have been so far (and I understand that my experiences have been quite limited). I loved it.

My discovery of Insilico was pure coincidence. I think that maybe way back at some point I’d heard the word. Because when it came up in conversation during the Bubble Chair stake-out and subsequent craziness, it sounded familiar, even though I couldn’t place any information about it. But only a few days after that, I was reading Zoe Connolly’s blog (I love the videos she posts) and she had an entry on Insilico. What is Insilico? It’s a cyberpunk city high up in the sky. But it’s more than that for me. It’s the set of Blade Runner come to life. Minus the incessant rain, fortunately. Minus Rick Deckard, aka Harrison Ford, unfortunately. Yes, I confess – I’m in love with Harrison Ford. So seeing Insilico fills me with all sorts of wonderful anticipatory, amorous, adventurous feelings.

It was a slow day in RL – had time to relax and catch up on blogs. Found Zoe’s blog and thought – now is the time to go to Insilico. Just as I was searching to find where to TP, my friend Chadd logged in. He said he was in the mood for adventure also. So we agreed that I would go first and tp him.

Well. I’ve come a long way from the days when I was afraid to bop all over SL by myself. So I didn’tmy-first-sight-at-insilico really think twice about heading out wearing jeans and a tank top, you know, standard Ahuva attire (of COURSE I was wearing boots!). But when I rezzed up there in the city in the sky, in the dark looming metallic city, I felt cold. And when I turned to look to my left – my blood froze. And I felt naked and alone and vulnerable. There was a THING. A big metallic, bug-like, mechanical, creepy THING. I KNOW it was looking at me. I IM’d to Chadd that he needed to get there NOW because Insilico was SCARY!

Chadd rezzed in next to me and took in the situation in a glance. He passed me a box. When I the-adventurersinvestigated it, I realized I was now a Gal with a Gun. 🙂 That’s right. I was armed. With my own M16. I think that perhaps that THING would have required a bazooka or a tank to stop it, had it been inclined to be hostile, but I certainly felt MUCH better carrying my rifle. Wow. Who AM I anymore??? LOL. No question – I felt a lot more secure with Chadd and his light saber and me with my gun. So we set off exploring.

The lighting was dark. Voices talking via mechanical devices, monitoring the area, could be heard. Steam and hisses and engines and clanging. Metal everywhere. Buildings looming up and up and up. Machines turning and clicking. We flew all the way to the top and we wandered all the way to the bottom. We went window-shopping in all the stores. I can’t even remember most of what we saw because everything was new to me. In each store I would say to Chadd “What’s that???” and insilico-blues-clubhe’d have to explain what it was, how it worked, why it existed. 🙂 I felt like I was on a vacation, sight-seeing. I told him that I was feeling a compulsion to buy something, anything, as a souvenir of our adventure. I was looking about for refrigerator magnets. 🙂 Of course, we are in SL. I could MAKE a refrigerator magnet. Wall hanging. Whatever. That observation did stop me from being a glow-in-the-dark skirt for L$150. I was also tempted to buy the Defcon 1 BSG: Colonial raptor space craft (hey – seats four, guest mode, remote control – I bet it gets great gas mileage). But I restrained myself. We wandered into various buildings. I am sooo naive. I had to ask Chadd if we were in a porno place or a gymnasium. He told me we’d wandered into a sex club. I was fairly certain that is what the cage meant, but I figured I’d better check. I was glad that there wasn’t anyone else there, but perhaps that would have made the purpose more clear. We found what seemed to be a nightclub. Under water. Not sure how good the drinks could be under those conditions. Which probably explains why the club was empty.

At some point we fell through the bottom of the city. We fell through the sky down and down to the snow-in-insilicowater and some islands. If I wanted to be judgemental, I would describe the islands and their apparent guardian devices as indications of someone needing intensive intervention. On the other hand, it also struck me as a combination of Yellow Submarine and Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Suffice it to say that the one island looked like someone’s dental palate gone horribly wrong, with bleeding bodies floating in a vat, defended by flying, raining male appendages and flying cooked chicken carcasses. No, I am not posting those pictures here and I am not posting them to my Flickr account either (which is where I put all the other pictures). Chadd and I both had RL distractions which caused us to park ourselves at the lovely Christmas tree for awhile, where we enjoyed the snow before returning to the dark caverns in the city above. Quite a contrast.

We spent over an hour wandering about, going as high up and as far down as we could. We wandered all about, taking pictures and simply enjoying the visit. Insilico is great. Go see for yourself. But bring bug spray. That welcoming committee is a bit much. 🙂