On the road, can’t make it inworld. So I did something as good – I met up with SL friends in “RL”. Erev AH5B I had dinner with Dale. Lovely lovely time – great food, great ambiance and wonderful company. 🙂 Tonight I had dinner with another friend I met first in SL. M is no longer inworld but we stay in touch. I was within an hour of his location today so we met for dinner. Again – a wonderful wonderful time. We’d not seen each other in at least 2 years. We talked and laughed and reminisced. So in a very real sense – I WAS in SL for AH5B. When I got in my car to drive home, Green Day’s “Time of Your Life” was playing on the radio. I thought it quite apt. Since I have no SL photo to share, I’ll share the music. I’ll also share my thought: I wouldn’t trade away a single moment of my SL time. It’s been 5 amazing years. I’ve grown, learned, laughed, hurt, loved, lost, lived. I’ve integrated my SLness into my RLness. I may not be inworld as much as I used to show up but believe me – SL is in my world all the time. SL has given me many of the “times of my life”.


I am One

*GRIN* Happy Rez day to ME!!!! I am one. What a great year it’s been. But I have SO many ideas for this next year – LOOK OUT!!!! Classic paintings/metaphors revisited and revised. A GREAT party idea – check those inboxes for your invites! Mixing business and pleasure to profit both. Oh yeah – we will rock this year too!

I am One

One Year Ago Today

It was one year ago today that I first heard of Second Life. One year ago that my coworkers “dared” me to go into SL and figure it all out. And tossed in the kicker: “Oh yeah – and blog about it as well.”

I’ve started this post so many times. Try for pithy? A summarization? My usual emotional self? I am truly at a loss for words. There is too much to say. I’ve said it before. I feel it intensely. So all I can think to post is this:

Continuing the tradition of the past year, I threw myself under that famous work bus yet again and volunteered to write something for our demo next week. I’ve never written a web page. I’ve not looked at any of that. Yes – I had help. My one coworker/friend sat with me to design the page (really simple, but meets the need). HellSpawned helped me turn it into HTML. Jonah helped teach me more html. I needed a graph engine to generate a vertical column chart. Another coworker/friend helped me find a nice simple graph engine out there, that I could use for receiving our data. Next we change that static data to dynamic feed. So I’ve learned yet another new skill today. These two pages are baby steps. But now I know that I can do this, too.

Nickelback: “You know it’s never too late to shoot for the stars, regardless of who you are”
(If Today Was Your Last Day)

I’m shooting for the stars. Thanks for listening.
One Year of Learning

Learning to Use the Camera

Here i am!!! My first photo.

Here’s how I sign off every night. For those of you who know me in RL, could it be more perfect?

Living the Life
Living the Life

And for my RL friends who have no idea what I’m talking about – here’s my starting point each day. i spend a lot of time at the boardwalk and the beach. There was a great party here last night, but i didnt know how to use the camera.