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You Need Arms to Dance

Some days I really don’t feel like having someone mess with me. I try to be nice, helpful. But…. that does not give you the right to presume. This is an abbreviated version of our conversation. No, his name is NOT BadBoy. I might not have gotten nasty and rezzed my knife had he not added the “hard” to “kisses”. It’s one thing to be happy and kiss and hug. It’s another to kiss hard. Still, I might have thought I was being unduly harsh except I read his profile. Lots of BDSM and slave training there.

BadBoy: Hi Ahuva. Question. Am I wearing clothes?
Ahuva: you are still a cloud. you might want to clear cache, logout, and login to the Pooley sim. i hear that is a good place to try to settle cloud and inventory issues
(a few minutes pass)
BadBoy: ???
Ahuva grins. you appear to be a humanoid
BadBoy: A clothed humanoid??
Ahuva laughs. blue jeans, boats, gray shirt however, but def clothed
BadBoy: Whew….. leans close and kisses you, hard
Ahuva backs off. tsk tsk
BadBoy laughs
(Ahuva rezzes knife.)
Ahuva smiles sweetly. next time i knife you
BadBoy: Hey, I was happy!

I think Pink said it best: I’m not here for your entertainment.

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