Yes, Virginia, There is a Sandbox

(with apologies to Francis Pharcellus Church and the New York Sun *grin*)

I have mentioned my friend Tez here before. He is an extremely talented builder, scripter and artist, and I am proud to be on his friends list. Tez is the curator for the IBM Exhibition sims. I’ve written about the fantastic shows that have been hosted there. Tez is also part of the IBM Sandbox, which was on the IBM 6 sim. I’ve gone there with friends to build. It is full of both people and signs to help aspiring builders. There is always something happening there. Apparently the sandbox has moved, as have the exhibition spaces. It’s too late for you to attend the grand re-opening party (sorry, I was a bit pre-occupied at the time and didn’t share that info). But you CAN still attend exhibitions and work in the sandbox. And the NEXT time there is a sandbox party I will try to remember to invite you, too! *grin* In the meantime, you can find the eye-straining photos on my flickr account.


Since 2006, IBM has maintained a presence in Second Life which has included the venerable IBM 6 sandbox, a home and training ground for some of the grids most talented builders, both IBMers and non IBMers, and the IBM 2 and IBM 3 Exhibition Sims. Through the operation of these areas, IBM has recognized that community building and social content creation are a key part of the value of virtual worlds. 

As of February 2010, the IBM Center for Social Software is pleased to take this a step further, announcing the opening of a brand new three-sim estate in Second Life, as well as a four-sim OpenSim estate on ReactionGrid, all dedicated to the production and exhibition of virtual artworks. 

In addition to the continued operation of a public sandbox in Second Life, the IBM Exhibition Sims will feature two full class 5 sims available for large scale public art projects. 

The Exhibition Space believes strongly in support for an open platform that provides the archival and import/export tools that art making requires. Accordingly, the Exhibition Space will also include four OpenSim based servers located on the publicly accessible ReactionGrid

The IBM Exhibition space is curated by Andrew Sempere, Research Designer at IBM’s Center for Social Software (SL: Tezcatlipoca Bisiani), and will showcase immersive installations of virtual art and architecture as examples of the cutting edge of what is possible in 3d virtual worlds. For more information, please visit our website at: 

Artists and virtual content creators who are interested in showcasing their work at the Exhibition Space should apply at the website address provided above.