Bunny Hop(es)

Eat as much of the lawn as you want. 🙂

I told you that this year has seen an abundance of bunnies. I opened the front door the other morning and saw this furry hopper on the lawn, nibbling something. I’m fine with bunnies nibbling the lawn. I don’t care about the grass, I’m trying to make that area clover and violets and whatever else makes creatures and pollinators happy.

Eyeing the unprotected flower bed

But when the bunny went to check out the bed where I planned to put the zinnias and cosmos, I knew I had to take action. There are several other things coming up there as well but I have no idea what they are. I’m waiting to see if they flower and if I like them. 🙂 In order to give everyone a chance to grow and make a case for remaining, I netted that area as well. I know I’ll have stopped the deer with this net – sides and top. I think I may have thwarted bunny hopes as well by anchoring the bottom. Only time will tell.

Can you see the deer netting? I hope it thwarts the ground nibblers as well. It covers all sides and the top.

Return to Happy Mood

bailey-scriptingThis time it’s all BAILEY’S fault. Oh yes it is, BL, don’t try to deny it. On MY blog you basically posted a challenge to the Lucky Stumps and to us: could you write the necessary scripts faster than we could win you bubble chairs? YOUR fault. There we were, back in Happy Mood! (HappyMood (111, 123, 31)) And oh – did we have fun or what????

I saw Bailey’s comment and logged in to join her. It was very slow going at first – I was sure that Bailey was going to win the event. There weren’t many folks logged on at that particular moment and we sat and sat watching unmatchable letters turn up. So I played with the rocking horse chair. I really like the rocking horse chair. I’m not sure I like it L$580 worth however. It doesn’t really match rocking-horse-poses more-rocking-horse-posesmy art deco home. But I tried out every pose while Bailey sat and scripted. Looking at them again as I put together these photos – I really like that rocking horse!!! 🙂 I look so sweet and innocent!!! So I rocked and Bailey scripted and finally the stumps started calling out useful letters! Our first success was with a P – Prad tp’d in and won himself the famed bubble chairs. Shenlei logged in and I IM’d her so that she would know how far this insanity had spread. Of course she tp’d over to join us. So now there were three of us IM’ing and urging people onto stumps. 🙂 C came in and won herself bubbles and she brought Q (why am I using letters again? because I forgot to ask permission to use names. bailey-getting-her-bubble-chairs make up your own names if you don’t like my letters. 🙂 MY blog, I can post what I wish!) I will note that someone in that group was being quite unfair and accusing me of reneging on a deal. Not naming names, of course. 🙂 It only took us an hour and Bailey had her bubble chairs! We’re getting better at this, aren’t we? With any luck we should be able to get Krissy and M their chairs in under an hour.

Once we were all sufficiently bubbled and the victory photo taken, we headed over to look at the giant bunnies. 🙂 I LOVE the giant bunnies. They are big and soft looking and their noses twitch and bunny-sitterstheir ears twitch. You can sit on them. They have 7 poses, according to the sign. Bailey and Shenlei jumped right on. C and Q did the same. I was taking pics, of course. 🙂 At that point SD came along. LOL. Poor SD – he had no idea what he was in for! So he leapt onto the bunny and I got onto the bunny. That was only 6. So I IM’d Issa and SHE jumped on the bunny. The complete group of pics is up on Flickr. We were all attached in some fashion on or to the bunny. Once we’d conquered the first bunny, we moved to the second. Some of these poses are really quite, um, risque. Had I KNOWN that I was going to be splayed across a bunny, I would have worn pants. Now you know why I’m almost always in pants inworld. As it is, I am fairly certain that SD was looking up my skirt. He didn’t deny it. And THAT almost got him in bigger trouble.

Big celebratory party this weekend. A black and white ball. I “need” a new dress, of course. That’s 2nd-bunnyeasily remedied. I have no doubt that I will find what I need at Debutante. But I need a date!!!!! I can’t go to the ball without a partner!!! Sigh. I asked SD to be my date – it seemed only fair after his wayward vision. But he turned me down!!!!!! I threw myself to the ground in tears, inconsolable, while Shen and Bailey and Issa tried to guilt SD into being my date. 🙂 Poor soul. Shen and Issa nearly had him buying me a bunny as a consolation prize. LOL. He IM’d me to explain WHY he couldn’t, so I took pity and explained that we were all simply having a wonderful time teasing and that he was an incredibly good sport. SD was foolish enough to be wearing an evil titler (that’s a label above your head that YOU can’t change but anyone else can change). Issa changed the titler to “Ahuva is hot” and we considered that “revenge” enough.

About this time the lunacy began to subside. Bailey, SD and I managed to have a few calm words. Having asked SD FOUR times how he happened by (I was trying to figure out if someone had TP’d him in for a bubble chair or if it was merely karma) and having not listened to the answer any of those times, I finally learned that he had come as a result of reading a blog. He gave us links to two very interesting SL blogs. Bailey was familiar with them but they were both new to me. Here they are for your enjoyment: A SecondLife Travelogue by Garth Goode and Aleister Kronos’ blog Ambling in SecondLife. Happy travels! You never know what or who you might find, right SD? 🙂