Rez Days

even skeletons need fun

Unbelievable. HellSpawneD and Prad have been in SL for 3 years now, and SL is still standing. *grin* Kind of hard to believe, isn’t it? And aren’t our lives richer for knowing them both. I caught up with Hell and Natalya the night before REZDAY. It was a wonderful re-entry for me. I seem to have been over-doing RL again and dropped from the land of the living for awhile. pogoing at the U'barHell and Nat were at a really fantastic club – or maybe it was the really fantastic DJ’s: Cher and Carmine at the U’Bar in Lusiana. I was really enjoying the music and then, of course, things got crazy. I don’t have the picture of me in full dragon avatar (go see the pictures from Cringe and Wear It ) wearing high heels instead of dragon feet. But I only did it because I felt compelled to match Hell’s red monster av. *grin* NOT my fault. At some point in the proceedings Cher and Carmine passed out pogo sticks to everyone in the bar. What fun! 🙂 Not only did I get a pogo stick, but I learned new British slang too. 🙂 Live and learn!

What the well-dressed rezzer wearsLast night was the celebration for Prad at the C2P. *grin* Talk about getting out of control….. The chat log is x-rated, the DJ’ing was x-rated. Some of the outfits were x-rated. Great music. I think we can say that a good time was had by all. I took waaaaaaaay too many pictures to post here. If you want to see all the incriminating photos (there was a rumor that Prad was DJ’ing au natural) go to my Flickr account.

Happy Rez Day, Prad and Hell!!! You RAWK!

And the Winners Are….

Most Original - Zha

Ugliest - Ravenne in liederhosenI give up. I have way too many photos to do this properly. They are all up on Flickr. Go look there. *grin* We had 4 categories for prizes. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if I got photos of all of the winners. 😦 I think I have MJ, but I’m not sure. And Elise was camera-shy – so I did the best I could. I think. LOL. Honestly – I never really got so SEE anyone – I had ten IM windows open and was passing inventory like a crazed person. If I have them wrong – someone find the right pictures in Flickr and I’ll update the post.

Sexiest - HunterBest Heels
: MJ who was wearing them and Chestnut who donated them.

Sexiest: Hunter who wore the Strawberry Holiday original dress and Zha who donated it.

Ugliest: Ravenne who wore the Santa Claus in liederhosen and Hunter who donated it.

Most Spirited: Elise who wore it (I believe it included a tentacle on her head) and Dale who donated it.

Most Original: Zha who wore the Full Metal Dragon and Dz who donated it.

Most Spirited - EliseWhat can I say? You folks are the most good-humored, fun-loving good sports I have ever met. MJ, Ravenne, Elise, Zha and Hunter – wow. You folks ROCK. What good sports to put on those outfits and wear them. I think you all are truly amazing people and I thank you for making the party so special and fun. It never would have happened without good sports such as yourselves.

And many, many thanks to all all of you who contributed outfits, wore outfits, and laughed and danced and had fun. I am so happy and proud to know such wonderful, wonderful people. (And Hunter – I WANT that dress. I NEEEEEEED that dress!)
Best Heels - MJ

Reminder: Cringe and Wear It!

Hey all – don’t forget! Tonight is Cringe and Wear It!! Hope to see you all there with a transferable outfit and a sense of humor. 🙂 I even MADE an outfit to transfer to some lucky soul!

Sorry for the lack of posts – RL has been extremely busy and I have been a bit under the weather health-wise as well. 😦 I’ve been taking lots of pictures, and have lots to tell you, but unfortunately have simply not been able to write it up. And – I am going away on vacation this week. I am NOT taking my laptop. Eating the dog’s medicine last week convinced me that maybe I do indeed need to step away from the keyboard. *grin*

So come and say hi and party tonight at 6pm SLT at the C2P! Cringe and Wear It!! I have a box just for YOU!!!!!
A Box for YOU

Cringe and WEAR It!


CarnivaleYes, it’s time for a party. I think we could all use a good laugh and some fun as the summer slides away and autumn begins. As I’ve told you all before – I am SO bad at details. I love to throw parties, but I get a bit overwhelmed with the SL details. (Just to prove how overworked/exhausted I have been – last night I took out the medicine for the dog and ate it myself. 🙂 Yes, this morning I have a shiny, healthy coat, bright eyes, and I think I’m rid of that pesky skin infection. *grin* I wondered why she was looking at me so oddly.) ANYWAY, because I am bad at details, Bailey Dazy is doing the heavy lifting on this. COME JOIN US!!!

The Crown and Pearl Presents:      CRINGE and WEAR it!

Music, Prizes, Bad Outfits & Fun! DJ’ing by the wonderful Bailey Dazy herself!!

When: Monday September 7th (Labor Day)
Time: 6pm slt
Where: C2P @ Angel Square

What the heck is this?!:
Full Metal DragonDon’t plan on dressing up to come to this party. Dress comfortably but be prepared to change after you arrive (and you won’t even have to pick out your own outfit)! Before the party, go through your inventory or go shopping… find the funniest, ugliest or most “interesting” transferable outfit you can! When you get to the party you will be given a new outfit to wear by the person who arrived before you and you, in turn, will give your transferable outfit to the person who arrives after you! Contests with prizes will happen, and of course fun will be had by all (except the man in the cheerleader skirt). You can see me modeling some of MY inventory. *grin* Anyone want to be a full metal dragon? And I have more…. So pretty outfits, funny outfits, unusual avatars – let your imagination go!

Please be tasteful. We don’t want to see overly sexual outfits or any naughty bits. Please come with a sense of humor, no one means to offend you by giving you a pink bikini. Please play along otherwise the chain might break. There are no limits as to how much or how little you have to spend on the outfit. If you can find fun transferable freebies, go for it!

Cuban CutieOk, I want to come, what do I bring?:
Please bring ONE fully transferable outfit (boxed please, if you aren’t sure how to box it, please IM Bailey Dazy and send her the goods, she’ll box it and send it back to you) & your good humor!

How Will This Work (The Fine Print):
Well, I’m not really sure. *grin* I prevailed on Dale to write me a script to handle the inventory transfer. But after much discussion with Bailey we thought that maybe it would be simpler if you simply hand me your boxed outfit and I hand you a different box. So either I will rely on the script – which means you MUST box your contribution – or I will try to take and give inventory. *grin* Life is never dull.

Questions: If you have any questions about the event, please IM Ahuva Heliosense or Bailey Dazy!

We hope to see you all there!!! Come and laugh and maybe win a prize for your outfit! (Gee – really the prize should go to the person who DONATED the outfit, no??? WAY too complicated!)

Grand Opening! C2P

c2p-opening-night-crowdAs I keep mentioning, my life has gotten a trifle busy lately. But I knew that no matter what, I would get over to Angel Square for the grand opening of the C2P! I’ve missed way too many parties lately. 😦 I missed Issa’s baby shower, I missed a ball in Victoriana, I missed the Ode butterfly hunt in Shengri La. I spend most defying-gravityof my time down by the ducks – scripting. Well, I do a little shopping also. 🙂 And did some exploring for work. But mostly – I’m living a fairly solitary SL existence. I’m getting bored. I need to break out and party!

Tuesday I did just that. Of course, I totally forgot that was C2P day. Good thing I logged in while the party was going full blast and caught a taxi to Angel Square. I didn’t have much time to stay but I managed to dance a bit, sent the tp taxi to Shenlei to come on over and party too. It was a good thing that I could reach her because I couldn’t find any of my party props. Obviously I “NEEDED” glow sticks and lights and things like that. 🙂 Shen of course has a folder-full to share. I chatted with friends there and took a bunch of pics. All of the pics are up on Flickr. There are some decent great-lighting-all-aroundones in the bunch which was pure good fortune. I was juggling a million emails and IMs (work and play) and RL was whining from the floor that it was dinner time for hungry pets.

The lighting is great, good music – Prad was DJ’ing when I was there. I will ignore all the voice-over vocals. 🙂 I was quite pleased to see that C2P circled-in-lightdoes not seem to have the animal infestations I have reported at the Crown and Pearl. 🙂 And the dance floor was dry, too. 🙂 Glad to see the landlords are on top of things at the new place. I loved the “James Bond movie intro dancing girl effect”. 🙂