Stylish Carriage

Calli's CarriageI get in to my office nearly 2 hours ahead of most of my coworkers. I CLAIM that I get in early to try to get work done. But as you know, what really happens is that I spend that time catching up on SL friends and fun. The other morning Calli and I were chatting and she told me she had a new toy: Stylish Carriage. Of course I needed to go there and SEE it. *grin*

starting sitting safeIt LOOKS very unprepossessing. I mean, it’s a little rusty. Not much in the way of a paint job. No spoiler bar. And for sure – NO air bags. 🙂 Sorry – I just bought a car in RL. These things are on my mind. Calli assured me not to be fooled by the looks – that this baby could MOVE. “Sit!” she commanded. Sit I did. And yes – I of course forgot to turn my AO off first (Dz tells me that there is an AO w/ an auto feature to save me from this recurrent embarassment.) So Calli vroomed her feet and off we went!!!

SparksZOMG. What a hoot! The photos are terrible because I was laughing too hard, we were moving too fast, the whole thing was simply ridiculous and I couldn’t type comments fast enough to Calli and take pictures – zoom in, zoom out. I missed the sparks flying from the back the first time we did tight circles. *grin*. Don’t want to miss the sparks!!!! Calli realized that my AO was overriding the cart so we started again, this time with me standing. Oh yeah, MUCH more fun!!!

package deliveryCalli vroomed me about in her carriage for several minutes while we laughed and laughed and laughed. Then she showed me the “package delivery” feature. The same people make a shopping cart with a shopping basket. She showed me the basket also. I am a NICE person. Really, I AM. I help old people across the street (I’m going to be old some day). I help crying children. I don’t kick dogs. But when Calli went sprawling on her face and the groceries went flying all over, I am ashamed to report that I literally laughed out loud staring at the screen. I suppose I should confess that I used to find the 3 Stooges funny also. I bet most people wouldn’t have guessed that. Anyway, the carriage is hilarious as is the shopping basket. I’ve not yet seen the shopping cart, but I understand Shen has already gotten HERS!!! I am heading back to pick up MY shopping cart and we will be having races. *grin* Care to join us? /me digs through LMs looking for correct one…..