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Cat Sightings

Because sometimes only a box will do
Old sleepy white cat on a VERY VERY HOT evening (she has the sweetest face, even asleep)

We’re Going to Need a Bigger Chair

Other title suggestions:

It’s Hard Being a Cat

Get As Much Sun as Possible

Why Are They Always Looking at Me?

Yes, I’m VERY Comfortable, thank you.

No, I’m NOT interested in using the bed you bought for me.

A Minor Disagreement

My meetings started at 8:30 am this morning – scheduled to go until 2pm. I managed to get my phone out from under BC, but at 8:30 we were still disputing to WHOM the keyboard belongs. Sigh. By 9am thank goodness she decided she didn’t want it anyway. WC, however, made sure that the 9am call knew that she was being starved. šŸ™‚

I’m Too Cute For Words

Meow. Wherever I go I’m adorable.






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