Salome’s October Project

I was raised on science fiction. *grin* Well, that was my father’s contribution anyway. Before there were personal computers and kindles and iPads (/me crows: i LOVE my iPad), there were (and are) books. I used to haunt bookstores. I read very fast. I read a lot. Science fiction and murder mysteries have been constants in my life. One of my favorite writers back in the day was Roger Zelazny. I suspect most people think of his Amber series, but he wrote much more. Some of it confused me, lots of it intrigued me. I thought I had all his books.

Then Salome Strangelove began her October Project. She is recording Zelazny’s last book, A Night In the Lonesome October. Each chapter of the book is a day in October. Salome has created a wonderful cliff-hanger, posting a chapter a day. I’d thought I’d read all his books, and when I heard Chapter 1, I was sure I’d read this. But as the month (and chapters) moved on, I realized that it was all new to me. I confess that I have cheated by ordering the book (yes, hard-copy – I didn’t HAVE an iPad then) midway through. Fate is conspiring to keep me dancing to Salome’s tune, however, and the book has not yet arrived. I wasn’t sure if I would succumb and read it or if I would prolong this wonderful experience of listening a day at a time. I’m glad I’m not having to decide.

It’s a great story. I don’t know how it ends. I have some guesses, some hopes. I’m having a fantastic time. Salome’s reading is delightful, entertaining and oh so articulate. It’s a true pleasure to listen to her read the book. Go and listen. YOU are lucky – the month is nearly over and YOU will be able to hear more than one chapter at once. *grin* Or you can have the pleasure of a month of someone entertaining you.

I love what Salome is doing. I hope she picks another story and does it again. Salome, our present-day Scheherazade.