The Bronx Zoo Cobra on the ….. Slither

This is too funny to ignore. There is a venomous Egyptian cobra missing from morning check-in since Saturday, March 26th. The reptile house at the Bronx Zoo is closed until further notice. Please note that this is a female snake. My guess is that she’s off to do her spring shopping: a new hat, perhaps a boa, a new shoe…. *grin* Zha thinks the snake is looking for skinny jeans. 🙂

In the meantime, she’s tweeting up a storm. How is she tweeting? you may ask, as many others asked. “There’s an asp for that” she has replied. *grin* ooooo – and now you know how Eve was convinced to eat the apple – snakes are VERY clever and VERY funny.

The “zookeeper” and the mongoose are also tweeting.

In the meantime, as the snake has informed the city of NY: snakes and apples, perfect together.