Shopped til I Dropped

Last night I indulged myself in SL the way I won’t allow myself to indulge in my FL. Can I blame Oura???? Sigh. Not really. It was MY idea to go back to Christmas at the House of Avro so I could buy Oura a motorized reindeer. 🙂 Once there, and the reindeer safely in Oura’s inventory, we started to look around. I can’t resist rides and there was a trolley! So we hopped on and rode about the sim. There are several stores there all focused on the holiday/winter season. I saw many things that appealed. Most of the outfits I liked were copy/mod/no transfer. I saw a great sweater outfit that I thought Lalo might like. And that’s when I fell off the no-shopping wagon.

In order to buy a gift, I needed to sign into the SL Marketplace. I’ve not done that in ….. forever? I tend to browse online and then go to the stores to buy. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I am terrible at reading directions. Oura walked me through buying via the Marketplace. Then we went a little crazy, browsing and shopping there. Wow. *grin* There is a LOT of stuff there. A lot of FREE holiday gifts also. Oura is VERY good at finding bargains.

In the midst of our online shopping spree, a message came out from our SL Divine Diva Group, a group for the folk who LOVE shopping at Lemania Indigo Designs. There was an “A” on the Lucky Chair! Wildcard Prize!!! How could I not go? So we tp’d over to Lemania. I arrived upside down (I REALLY need to remove that animation from the HUD) and with things rezzing slowly, but I managed to sit on the chair and score the prize. 🙂 Since we were THERE, we picked up the group gift. Played in the Christmas animations. Then hopped back to Avro’s Christmas to check out decorations.

Christmas at the House of Avro has a lot of free holiday decorations. In the photo on top you can see that I indulged with the hot cider and the hat and a snowball. You can see the pine swag that I won the other night. What’s that on my head? Silly you. Those are my reindeer antlers complete with mistletoe. Get it??? I’m under the mistletoe. /me waits for a kiss. 🙂

We did a bit of shopping online. But we also went to the stores and shopped “in avatar”. That’s a lot of fun and you see many more interesting items that way. The Marketplace is convenient, and necessary for giving gifts at times. But please remember to patronize the stores inworld. I promise that you will find that experience rewarding.

So what do we have here?

Christmas at the House of Avro:
Pine Swag animated lights v1 pa
Hot Apple Cider (with animation)
Snowball Thrower (animation)
Free Santa Hat Ho!Ho!Ho!
Free Winter Outfits
Deer Antlers & mistletoe

Sentou Yousei (battle fairy):
*BF* Little Black Boots (thank you Oura!!!! *hugs*)

Lemania Indigo Designs:
I Desire You

From the Marketplace:
*Milady’s* -Magic Time- Extra high heels red ankle boots with white fur (Christmas free gift)
Gift Belissima Bikine
Dafne Boutique Christmas Gift
Kabuki Creations – Skating Gift