Dark Air II

maintenance-done-ready-to-taxiI was supposed to be scripting. I owe Hell 2 assignments (a swinging door and a sliding door) and I owe a friend a revised dance floor. I was supposed to be building. I have an assignment for work that involves building hair. I visited a friend’s house and steep-ascentsaw their tp system for moving about the house and I NEED one of those for my house. That would be a scripting assignment for me. A friend of mine offered me an underwater cave for terraforming. I need to learn Photoshop so that I can create textures for the hair that I am supposed to be learning to build. No problem. I had all of this vacation time stretching ahead of id-feel-better-if-i-had-a-seat-belt1me. Over a week of time when I could script and build and learn and be productive.

So what have I accomplished? I straightened out my inventory and I bought more stuff. What am I doing that I am not accomplishing above-the-cloudsanything productive? I am socializing and playing and shopping. I spent nearly 3 days staking out a lucky chair in order to get a dress. Now mind you – I could have BOUGHT the dress. But I didn’t like it enough to buy it. I wanted to WIN it. There were 5 outfits being given away on 3 chairs. I had 4 of the 5 outfits. I’d been staking out that chair for 2.5 hours faster-than-the-land-can-rezwhen the “A” finally appeared with the dress. But I was just a tad slow on the clicker (I was deep in a serious IM with a friend) and some $^#Q$$% other Av, who came to wait MUCH later than I had arrived, beat me to it. That is really rude, bad form and down-right inconsiderate. It took me 2 more days to finally bag that dress.buzzing-the-neighbors

And, as you can see from the pictures, I went flying again with Dark. He’d been tweaking the Spitfire and was going to take it for a test flight. It was my good fortune to be logged in at the time so I got to go along. My son was home and watching over my shoulder as we tp’d to join Dark and hop aboard. We tookperfect-day-for-flying off and headed into the wild blue yonder. We buzzed the neighbors and soared into the sky. We turned and dove and climbed. My son really wasn’t too sure that he was enjoying it (too real for him when we started spinning). But I was! We soared past the bridge and the tower and went faster than the land could rez. I don’t remember where or why we flew into a particle stream, but since it was red and green,nothing-but-water-and-sky I’m sure it had something to do with Santa. We finally hit an area that blew us out of the air and ended our flight. But we had another perfect day for flying – clear skies and good wind.

We ended the day ice skating at Shengri La. Another sublime SL experience, even though we were soaring on earthheading-for-home instead of through the skies. And so I played and played and played, and the work sits there, untouched, accusing. Hmmmm. Tomorrow is another day.

Dark Air

dark-air-11I meet the most interesting people in SL. I meet the most incredibly generous and helpful people also, but that will be covered in a different post. Today I’m talking interesting. I was hanging about one night at the Crown and Pearl (how unusual, right?). The crowd had thinned to just a few of us intrepid souls. I back-seat-flyer1ended up dancing (swing) with Dark. I’d not really had any conversation with Dark, just talking together in group chat. We began chatting as we danced. What a wonderful surprise! Not only is Dark witty and very quick with a riposte, but he is extremely intelligent. Our conversation ranged from Fermi,ready-for-takeoff Heisenberg and Shrodinger to quaternions and gimbal lock to gamelans to how you can tell if an elephant has been in your refrigerator. And then it got even better. 🙂 Dark builds and scripts planes. WWII British planes, to be taxid-to-runwaymore precise. Well. I LOVE fast cars, planes, boats, space craft, motorcycles and fast vehicles of all kinds. Of course I immediately badgered Dark to take me for a ride. So he did! I had a bit of difficulty getting into the plane because I seemed to want to be the pilot, but once we solved THAT issue we were ready for take-off.

up-up-upAnd take-off we did. We soared high up into the sky, through the clouds, above the clouds. We soared and swoped and dove and spun. It was fantastic! We soared across sim boundaries and back again. Flew over the land and the water. It was high-above-sl as freeing and amazing an experience as the time I finally got the courage to go sky-diving in SL. I could feel the wind in my hair. SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Thank you again, Dark. It was a fantastic evening. The dancing, the dark-air-1-supermarinespitfireconversation, the flying, the start of a new friendship. Dark has already taken me flying again. For those who can’t wait for me to post (because I have gotten incredibly remiss about things like scripting, building and blogging over this wheee-sidewaysholiday break), the latest batch of photos are already up on Flickr. Or maybe you should contact Dark and buy one of his planes for yourself. Yep, he will even sell you a plane if you are so inclined. The ducks and I have been discussing where to build the hangar…..the-view-from-the-back-seat