Press 1 To Talk To (a scammer)

Wow! My personal data has obviously been out on the town living it up. I get around 5 calls a day congratulating me on my credit history and how if I press 1 now I can get a new card/new credit limit/new whatever/scammed. IMG_2776Along with that I get a call telling me how due to my wonderful payment record with my public utility I will be getting a refund next month blah blah blah. It’s been over 3 months and still I have not received any refund. I don’t answer my land line. I’ll never give up my land line with its voice mail and these robo scam calls are the reason why. I give out my landline to everyone and everything that is not a personal contact. Every now and then something DOES come through on the landline that is not a complete and utter scam and that too makes it worth the comparatively minor monthly fee. I keep my cell phone on silent and I’ve installed robo scam prevention apps. I don’t answer any call that does not have an identifying label.

This week, however, my Apple devices have been compromised and my social security number has been associated with fraudulent activity in the south of Texas. That is correct – the SOUTH of Texas. Apparently I’m still all good in the NORTH of Texas. All I need to do is press 1 to talk to the law enforcement officer to remedy this situation. I’ll do that just after I press 1 to talk to the support advisor to fix my Apple devices.