Scripting Class

scripting-class-in-actionI really do take scripting class. Natalya joined our classes near the end of December. Then we all took a break through the holidays and the start of the new year. But we got back into it today. I started nagging Hell, because I have so many projects piling up and I need to get some of them underway. 🙂 Isn’t that a wonderful problem to have? I have real work to do. I’m being paid to login to SL. Work can’t get any better than that. Let me say yet again: I have the most wonderful friends, incredible management, and great coworkers. Oh yeah – and a really cool teacher.

So, I sit and listen to Hell as he lectures and demos and I try out the sample problems he gives. I’m working on a project to improve a dance floor. /me waves hi to Shenlei! So we reviewed things like linking prims, how distance can prevent linking, positioning objects when they rez, getting their local position. return-of-the-beach-balls I’d missed a key notion about linked prims. I find that is often the case for me. I’m told something the first time. It seems to make sense and I think I know what is meant. But later it comes up again at a time when I have more knowledge and experience. And I realize that what I THOUGHT I knew was incorrect. Little incremental shifts in focus and knowledge. It’s incredibly exciting.

bursting-through-the-wallsSo we all agreed on what the first step of this project should be. I went over my notes. I know what I have to do. Then I asked them to test out something that I need for one of my RL projects. It was in the house so we left the beach and headed in. I was quite pleased to see that I did indeed know how to work the projector. Quite satisfying, actually.

Then *I* turned my attention spilling-outto work – fielding emails, checking on other issues. I could hear laughter in my headset. Looked up to discover myself being knocked down the stairs of my house. Hell was attacking me with a beach ball. I ask you: Is this proper behavior when you are a guest in someone’s home??? No, of course not. No matter how funny it may look. 🙂 (Look carefully to the right of the open door – you can see my doorbell!!!! 🙂 Remember the doorbell? )

the-downstairs-wreck-roomSo I found myself on the first floor, which became inundated with beach balls. I’m sorry to say that Nat got led astray and was joining in the trouble-making. I was attempting to work while they filled the house to bursting with beach balls. Beach balls bursting through the walls and out the front door. Filling both floors. THEN sporks appeared. Now I know why I keep the first floor empty. I need a playroom.

Next to rez was a carrot gun that shot carrots, of course. abusing-my-hospitality-and-good-nature I rezzed one of my lucky-chair couches so we could test the pose balls, hoping that might settle the high spirits. No such luck. Next was a truck. It started as a cute little truck and grew and grew and grew into a monster truck. I jumped onto the couch to avoid it while Nat sat on it to avoid being run over. Again I was forced to tear my attention from IMPORTANT work when I heard “I don’t think she’s looking”. LOL. It was like having little kids playing in the next room. “She’s not looking – I think we can get away with it now.” So I looked. Discovered the truck parked on my derriere. Now look. I admit that I am curvy. But I am not SO curvy that you can park a truck on me!!!!!! Sheesh.

hell-and-the-magic-crayonI had to remove the couch when Hell started spinning me in circles. I really did NOT want to puke all over. Does NOT pay to give some people privileges, that’s all I am going to say about THAT. So I went back upstairs, hoping to avoid the children. Or perhaps I went back upstairs following an errant truck. Whatever. I stretched out on my bed and tried yet again to focus on work. Only to look up and find magic crayon marking all over my art work, my bed, my walls. Sigh. Finally the miscreants were caged in their own pencil drawings and I could get back to work. 🙂 Can’t wait for our NEXT class!


Do Not Disturb :) (I’m ‘disturbed’ enough as it is!)

I’m SCRIPTING!!!!! Yes I am, indeedy. 🙂 I have a DOORBELL!!! And I had a major breakthrough in understanding scripting grammar/syntax. At least, I think I did. We will find out today when I tackle the NEXT assignment.

Okay – so if you come to visit me, use the doorbell. LOL. Thanks to Chestnut who tested it for me!!! Many thanks to Dale who explained that events get their own braces. (hey – that makes sense to ME and that’s what counts.) And of course, thanks to Hell, who came up with the assignment in the first place and was so patient when I hit the wall after 9 hours of scripting on Friday. The doorbell worked, the timer worked, but they didn’t work together. I think that maybe, just maybe, 9 hours straight was overdoing it. My brain was completely fried. I know that I went inworld and did something – but I don’t remember what. I really hope that I won’t find out when I open an envelope full of photos. But in any case – I have a doorbell. Please don’t abuse it.

doorbellAhuva: try it again and this time try to ring it repeatedly
Doorbell: Hello Chestnut Rau
Ahuva Heliosense knows you are here
Doorbell: You have a visitor: Chestnut Rau
Doorbell: Ahuva Heliosense has already been notified, be patient and stop ringing the bell!

Today – my intruder alert. 🙂

snowflake-raveSo since in RL I get to go out and party (which I did last night, some good live music with friends) I figured I could do the same inworld as well. So I stopped scripting long enough to drop by the Snowflake Rave at Shengri La. I wasn’t there very long, so I can’t tell you all the gossip. 🙂 And when I came back some-people-pay-attention-to-the-themeafter my RL excursion, um, I was there, but not really up to focusing very well on details. But at least this time I do remember that I had fun last night. 🙂 The scene for the rave was beautiful. I think this is my favorite of all the raves I’ve attended there. We were supposed to dress frosty/snowy/flakey. I knew that I had the flakey part down – my brain was still harper1quite fried after all the scripting, even though things were now working. I had a beautiful white dress, but didn’t feel like being formal. So I found a pair of white jeans and a white top. No white boots and no time to shop, so I used a pair of white sandals. Probably should have changed hair color for the event, but that kind of nuance was quite beyond me at that point. santas-helpers-get-cuter-every-yearChestnut and Shenlei looked great, as usual. Both had wonderful white outfits. Harper was extremely cool, but I couldn’t get a good picture – lots of flowing white material, and I was pressed for time. You can always find me and Rez in any picture – just look for long flowing blonde hair. (Gimme a head with hair, long beautiful hair, Shining, gleaming, steaming, flaxen, waxen!).

Since I seem to be so distracted lately (gee, what AM I doing with my time???) let me remind you now about the Ode butterfly hunt on Dec 17 at Shengri La. This really is a wonderful event. It’s like eating potato chips – you think you can resist chasing those darned little butterflies, but then one flies by and you just HAVE to touch it. Wham. You are hooked. 🙂 It’s fun. Bring the newbies – it is wonderful practice for moving and touching and using inventory and all the rest. Not to mention all the cool jewelry.