Sleep Means Energy

Sleep seems to be back
Several hours at a stretch
My energy soars!

What a relief. For whatever reason, the pain seems to have ebbed. Either I’m used to it, I’ve figured out a “comfortable” position or it has eased with the knowledge that yes, finally, I’m going under the knife. Whatever it is, oh my, I am soooooo happy to be getting some real refreshing sleep. REM and all that. So I went down to the basement and rearranged furniture (appropriated son’s dresser) and cleaned up. I’m REALLY hopeful that tomorrow I can go and do battle with the weeds. For a reward – hit the boardwalk at night. *grin* MORE stuffed animals. *laughing* Actually, for the last many years, whenever we win, we find some little child looking wistful and hand over our winnings. SO much MORE fun that way.