My SL Photo Album

Well, it’s not much of a photo album yet. I’m still pressed for time but I did want to share 2 photos with you. The first is the kind of thing you really only see in SL or some other Virtual World.

Personally, I’m very glad to see these signs go up. I was getting very tired of shoo’ing away those pesky vampires. It was getting so you couldn’t take a simple stroll down the boardwalk without being accosted by someone offering to leave bite marks in your neck. Next thing you know someone will be offering to wash your windshield. (Okay, you probably have to have been in NYC before the Rudy Giuliani days to get that reference. 🙂 )

Monday night I went sailing with a friend and ended up making 2 new friends. One was trying to solve my computer’s technical problems, the other decided to solve MY problems. 🙂 I’d already had someone point out to me that my eyebrows were simply TOO big. LOL. And I’ve already moaned about my eyelashes (or lack thereof). So C took me in hand and remade me. That has to be a blog in and of itself – I learned about skins and such. Not to mention C’s comment “Pride is just Lust with different makeup”. You KNOW there’s got to be a blog in that somewhere!!! But the end note of that evening is that not only did C remake me, she also took my photo. So my SL profile has been updated, eyelashes and all. Okay Dale – I will do my best to come up with some text for the profile as well. In the meantime, the “new” Ahuva:


Editing Appearance
Editing Appearance
Rest of time
Rest of time

Why? I’ve been told i need a new and better skin to solve this problem. Maybe time to do some serious shopping.

But not today. Someone near and very dear to me has bought me a brand-new computer with 2 graphics cards (is that possible?). So with any luck – no more MSC!!!

And besides that temptation we have a very active RL today. Maybe tonight? tomorrow? I REALLY want eyelashes! And I think I’m looking a bit grim – I need to get a smile too!

Appearances Can Deceive

Okay, WHERE are my eyelashes??? I was all set to put my photo up on my profile. No eyelashes. Now I know I don’t wear much makeup in RL OR SL, but really. No eyelashes?? Even in RL I usually brush on a bit of mascara. If I edit my appearance in SL and check out my (blue) eyes, there are eye lashes there. I see them. I still can’t flutter them, but they are there. But when I take a close-up picture w/ the camera – no eye lashes.

I’m on strike. I refuse to update my profile until someone finds my eyelashes.