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A Positive Love Story

I’m cheating again…. directing to you to other people’s blogs and articles. But when I find something that is so articulate, so right-on-target, something that I wish I had written – well, then I figure it’s my obligation to send you there.

Dusan Writer’s Metaverse is one of the blogs that I follow regularly. He writes about virtual worlds, not just about SL. I have learned many interesting things about OpenSim and the discussions on interoperability. There have been posts on corporations doing business in SL, a topic of great interest to me.

But yesterday’s post is on a subject of interest to everyone – love. Specifically: Love in a Virtual World. Apparently Newsweek has posted an article, “A Geek Love Story”, about 2 people who met in SL, formed a partnership in SL, then ultimately became RL partners as well. Except….. SHE lives in the US and HE lives in Wales, and they have only met in the atomic world 3 times in the past 4 years. But it works.

Speaking of love, and seemingly impossible relationships, and physical barriers to meeting: Frenis is now a week old. 🙂 He’s growing up, changing. He doesn’t look so much like a fluffy chick. I think Mallory approves.

Ignore My First Question

LOL. Okay, I understand that no one is going to post an answer to my questions about sex. I had people approach me inworld to tell me their thoughts. They weren’t actually reluctant to talk about Why Sex? They simply had too much to say!! 🙂 I especially liked one description: “writing poetry”. And I’m thinking about the answer: “an exploration of sexuality in a new form”. Think on this one also: “some of the most loving moments I have had in SL did not involve cyber”. That one takes me back to my original question of “so WHY, then?”. Another response was that in RL “there’s a natural assumption that sex is bad, or dangerous, or an extreme thing”. That was worth exploring itself in another blog, but that responder continued on to say that whereas in RL you would say Why Sex, in SL you can say Why Not? Which was one of my thoughts as well – many of the RL constraints simply don’t exist. But everyone seemed to agree that it was an intense form of connection. That there has to be some sort of emotional connection first. Obviously this is skewed by the fact that I am NOT in some of the more extreme sims. I suspect I would get very different answers. So you are all off the hook – I do not expect any responses posted about sex.

But I DO expect you to tell me about falling in love!!!! 4 to 2 – “vulnerable” as the first or 2nd word to describe falling in love.

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