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For Ernie

It’s the 5th anniversary of my father’s death. In my mind I’ve started several “status reports” to him. *grin* Trust me – he was NOT the “Report, Soldier” type of dad. In my head I’ve started letters to him. I don’t know that I ever wrote a letter to my father. I wrote to my parents, knowing that yes, he’d read it, but it was really my mother who would absorb it, remember and respond. *smile* I went to visit his grave this afternoon. Cleared off the marker, trimmed the grass away. Daddy chose that plot, near the entrance to the cemetery, so that he could watch the traffic. *big grin* Now THAT was exactly like him. What he may NOT have realized, however, was that spot is a little bit raised, and positioned so that there was a lovely lovely breeze blowing as I worked. So once I was done cleaning and trimming and obsessing (yes, Deb, your stone is still there – I cleaned that too), I sat down to hang out with Daddy. I composed a haiku for him. I figured I’d come home and post that, and that would be all I’d say. Before I wrote and posted, however, I decided to see what I’d done in years past. I had to laugh. I’ve only posted once before on his yahrzeit and…. drum roll please…. I wrote a haiku. That in and of itself is not so strange. What IS interesting, however, is that I wrote nearly the same one again today. šŸ™‚ Wow, talk about one-trick pony. I guess I really DO love my father and miss him, and that although he is no longer in the 1040 organic world, he is still very much alive and real to me.

I miss you, Daddy.
You’re always part of my life.
Smiling memories.

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