Keyboard Dancing

I never get out on my own. Once I login, I start chatting with friends. I’m usually hanging about at my house chatting. Or I head off for live music and dance and chat. But I rarely go exploring on my own. So it’s a very good thing that I have friends who drag me out to fun places. I have learned that when Calli, Panacea or Oura IM me and say: Come here NOW! that it’s best for me to listen. *grin* And you all thought I was so headstrong. Panacea finds me Peep racing, musicians and carousels. Oura takes me shopping and to good music and to cool builds. Calli takes me to revivals and trains and music. I am soooooo far behind on my blogging, believe me.

So I was hanging about relaxing the other day. Yes, relaxing. It was post-deadline day. Calli sent the familiar IM: Come here now! Even as I typed “where is here?” I was hopping in the taxi. As I rezzed, I found myself on a giant keyboard. Of course, as has happened lately, Calli and I exchanged hello, how are you and then she crashed. *grin* Really – I bathe regularly. I waited for her to return, but this appeared to be one of those “the whole machine has gone pfffft and needs to be rebooted entirely” crashes. So I wandered up and down the keyboard. As you strike a key, whether by walking on it or touching it, the note plays and a musical notation appears. I love it. But the graphical notes fade so quickly I wasn’t sure that my pictures were capturing them. So I sent the taxi to Oura and Jonah to join me. More SL strangeness – Jonah could tp in but Oura could not.

I had Jonah walk up and down the keyboard while I snapped pics. I tried to play a tune, but either I’ve forgotten everything I once knew about the piano and playing music, or that keyboard is not tuned as I expected. *grin* The keyboard is in Floyd. It looks to be a lovely community. I’m wondering if there is a barbershop quartet to sing beside the barbershop poles. I didn’t have time to do much exploring, as RL was calling. But I think you can see from the photos that Floyd deserves an encore performance. 🙂