One Prim. Really.

I’m not good with change. If things are going to change, I’d prefer a lot of lead time, a lot of information, a measure of control, a schedule, detailed instructions. I’m not one of those women who use a different purse for each outfit. I don’t look at my house and decide “let’s repaint this room”. I hate shopping for furniture, wall-paper, paint, accessories. “If it’s not broke – don’t fix it” works for me. But every now and then, even I realize that a bit of change might do some good.

That notion first began to creep into my head when I was reading Inara Pey’s blog way back in November. She reviewed the PrimPossible line of furniture by Ample Clarity. Ample uses sculpties to build furniture – and does it all with a single prim. Not just A chair in a prim. But Ample can do a pack of char/sofa/rug/table/plant/etc for ONE prim. Not only a single prim – but with animations. I run out of prim space repeatedly. One prim furniture? That would gain me a LOT of room.

I wandered over to PrimPossible to see what was there. The furniture is more modern and streamlined than my usual taste, but it looks so good all put together. The sets are out on display and you can bounce about trying them all. There are more chairs and sofas upstairs as well.

I went there several times – alone, with Lalo, with Oura. Everytime I was there, Ample Clarity IM’d us, greetings us warmly, offering to answer any questions. He’s NOT pushy – he’s warm, friendly and properly attentive. I began chatting with him about the line, explaining that while in one sense I didn’t NEED any furniture, I was intrigued by his one-prim creations. I think that had I not recently spent time adjusting all the poses in my hot tub, I’d have ditched it and gone home with the one-prim version from Ample. That may still happen. 🙂 I explained to Ample that what I really wanted at the moment was a chair with poses (most of his sofas have multiple poses but the chairs have a pose). Ample told me that he was in the process of coming out with a new item – sofas that could be retextured. I thought that was great and asked about the possibility of his adding poses to chairs. Ample doesn’t do custom work, but my timing was perfect. He was still in the early stages and could add poses. He decided that the concept had merit and so he told me to come back in a week for chairs with poses and the retexture feature. I thanked him for his help and said I’d be back. I think Lalo was with me that time. As we said our goodbyes, Ample gifted us both with a free one-prim piano. It’s extremely attractive! It has multiple poses, allowing for a single pianist or duets. The piano plays songs as well – pick from Bach, Brahms, Couperin, Grieg, Mendelssohn or Saint-Saens.

I went back with Oura in a week. The new chairs are more rounded and padded than the previous style and that works better for my tastes. There are many textures you can choose. There are single poses (guy, girl, unisex, and silly) and couple poses too. In other words, the chairs are a delight. One-prim, reasonably priced. Again, Ample gifted both Oura and I with freebies.

I have both my chairs tucked into the corner of my bedroom. I find during the winter I spend more time there than in the sky box or by the pool. I LOVE the chairs. They are perfect for sitting and shmoozing. I love doing business with Ample. He is gracious, attentive, he listens, he has a sense of humor and he does great work. I see that he is now doing kitchens as well as lounge and bedroom suites. Were my bed not a gift from my dear friend Bailey Longcloth, I would be over there at PrimPossible getting a new bed, too. Go check it out for yourself.

Art Imitates Life

With all due respect to Oscar Wilde, this time my avatar is imitating my biological self. *grin* I confess that more often than not in the last 2 years, Wilde had it right and the biological imitated the digital. Not tonight. It’s winter, it’s cold, I have cleared most of my immediate obligations and responsibilities, so I am relaxing. Wine, fire in the fireplace, a warm furry pet (okay, it’s a cat, not a panda) and of course chocolate. 🙂 Ahhhhhh. Living the life. Bamboo and I are definitely enjoying our new couch, yet another Cheeky Pea purchase. 🙂 I do love the Cheeky Pea furniture. I may have mentioned that before. I need to figure out how to join the VIP club over there. New inventory appears faster than I can purchase. 🙂

I Love Cheeky Pea

Just a few months ago I wrote about how Midnight Mania boards really do work. That is how I discovered Cheeky Pea, a store full of wonderful furniture and items, with some of the best pose scripts that I’ve seen in SL. Isla Gealach is the talented creator behind Cheeky Pea. I have bought many of Gealach’s items since first discovering the store. I belong to the Cheeky Pea group and head over there often to see what’s new.

The other day Oura sent me a message saying that there was a great new item, a memory board with clock. I went over to check it out. As usual, I started wandering about. I found the beach chairs. Ahhhh. You know, almost anything that uses the word “beach” will get my attention. I’m predisposed to like “beach”, “shore”, “ocean”, “coast” and more. My skybox is done as my fantasy beach house (okay, it’s missing an outdoor shower, that is true). When I saw the Cheeky Pea Beach Chairs I was hooked. I do NOT need any more inventory!!!! Isla Gealach, you must STOP making inventory that I find irresistable. I WANT those chairs. No. I NEEEEEEEEED those chairs. I made Oura come and try out the poses with me. As we were testing the various poses (there are TWO pages of options), Morgan Trevellion happened by on a hunt. I asked Morgan if she would mind posing with us. I must also say that I admire Morgan’s taste in hair, as she was wearing one of Queue Marlowe’s Analog Dog styles. I LOVE Queue’s hair and am nearly always in one of her styles. Morgan was a good sport and the three of us posed and worked our way through all the chair options. It was great fun and one of those moments of serendipity in SL.

One of the things that I particularly like about these chairs is that you can buy them with a variety of options. Although the chair is usually sold “no copy”, you ARE able to buy a copy version. I find that a BIG plus. I am grateful to merchants who sell their items with a variety of permissions, enabling me to either make copies, or to transfer or give a gift. I wish more merchants did that.

I have many pics here of us in the chairs. I also have a shot of Isla’s dock (the ducks requested that I hang out with them more) and a kitty chair. I also have a bed, a yoga mat, a photo rack, rocking chairs and of course the wonderful pillows I mentioned back in June. I find that more and more of my sky box is filled with Cheeky Pea items. I wish I could bring them into my physical house as well! Keep up the great work, Isla! Thank you for sharing your wonderful creations with us all! And thank you Morgan, for helping out! 🙂