Kerry Streeter

Look at this. The new year is less than 2 weeks old, and I’ve made it to TWO art shows in SL PLUS a museum in my atomic life. Could I be joining the educated art elite??? Naw. I have family and friends with excellent taste. Calli gets the SL credit again (my husband managed the atomic world maneuver). Calli was DJ’ing for Kerry Streeter, who has opened a new gallery, Second Looks, on Zeno Ochs’ wonderful art sim Gemini Elysia, with the wonderful Vertex Gallery.

This is Kerry’s own gallery, so I expect this work to be on display for awhile 🙂 Kerry loves to travel about and take photos of what she sees. A lot of her work focuses on interesting and unusual signs and graffiti, and commercial venues. But she also tucks in some GLORIOUS nature scenes. The gallery has several floors, so be SURE to get upstairs and see MY two favorites – the landscapes. Kerry describes her work:

I take photos when I’m traveling on vacation or on business, and sometimes while wandering for hours on walkabout through the city where I live. What catches my eye are juxtapositions and incongruities, things that make me do a double take and go “wow, can this really be?” Rarely do I have any idea what I’m going to encounter, which is why I’ve always referred to my photography shows as “Second Looks.”
I’ve come to see RL photos as something “monstrous” in SL, maybe alien pods invading from another world. They just don’t really belong here. But SL provides a wonderful space for an amateur artist like me to gain exposure and feedback.
The Twilight Musem has a permanent retrospective show of much of my RL work. The photos aren’t for sale there, but if you see anything you like, send me a notecard with the details. I’m happy to sell them directly at 300L apiece.

A good number of my atomic world foibles have followed me into SL. One of those is the need for solidity under my feet. I remember a fashion show several years ago that had a nearly invisible ramp. Attendees had to wander up and down this see-through invisible ramp. I ended up nauseated and with a major headache. Not my avatar – my biological body. I really WANT and NEED something solid beneath my feet (why I will never be able to ski). I did enjoy Kerry’s art, but you can see that the floors and the stair are somewhat transparent. Once I’m fully rezzed, it’s not too disconcerting since the space is otherwise confined and defined. But I was very disoriented as I rezzed, since I was looking THROUGH the floor. 🙂 You’ll notice that after a bit, I joined the cat on the couch and used my camera to view. Yes, I admit it – I’m a wimp.

The cat is an avatar, one of my good friends trying out a new look. It’s a great av, wonderful built-in movement and gestures, right down to the twitching tail and paws that knead.

Be sure to stop by Kerry’s Second Looks Gallery in Gemini Elysia. There is something for everyone at this exhibit.