Good Causes

Tis the season for good causes and giving. That is because it is ALWAYS the season for good causes and giving.

The first good cause was the day long concert for the World AIDS Day charity concert event. It was held at the Refuge and Expansion by AM Radio in Wales Springs. Alexandar Vargas and Caspian aids-fundraiserInglewood provided the sims. I believe that the organizers/promoters were Callipygian Christiansen, Teann Bellic and Cre8tivefemme Chemistry. There was good live music all day. I tp’d in wearing my standard tank top and immediately discovered that I needed a jacket – it was snowing! 🙂 It’s not too late to contribute to the Stephen Lewis Foundation. You did miss the music (I didn’t, despite freezing my feet in the deep snow – do you see me ankle-deep?) but you can still help out.

The second good cause was….. um….. well, actually…. me. 🙂 You may have heard that it takes a village to raise a child. Well, to help an Ahuva, it takes a sledful of friends. Hey – I NEEDED invitations to send ahuvas-helpersout to everyone for MY party on saturday!! (Did I mention that I am throwing a party Dec 6 at the Crown and Pearl??? 🙂 ) But I’ve never made an invitation before. I’ve gotten invitations. I know that they should look nice, open up, give you all the relevant information. But I didn’t know how to shove that information into an invitation. So the Crown and Pearl regulars rode to my rescue. Natalya, HellspawneD and Mowgli attempted to teach me, both in voice and text, how to create an invitation. But I was being extremely blonde…. I simply could not focus on what they were telling me. (I plead RL distractions!!!) Finally Natalya simply created the whole thing, assisted with (probably unnecessary) comments and suggestions from Hell and Mowgli and then GAVE me the invitation. All I had to do was fill in the blank note card. And THAT, my children, is how you got your invitations. 🙂 Thank you Nat, Hell, & Mowgli (my new friend)!

Of course the third good cause is the fundraising party at the Crown and Pearl this Saturday, Dec 6, noon to 2pm SLT. Be there or be square!!! (Yes – every post between now and then will mention it.) Come laugh, have fun, be silly and raise money for CRY America.