Guy Fawkes

I’ve come across Guy Fawkes in my reading. I know this is a big celebration night in the UK. I confess – I don’t really understand all the emotional content of the holiday. But I DO understand parties and celebrations and fireworks! So I’m very happy that in my SL travels I have found the Crown and Pearl and its sizable contingent of Brits. (I do hope that is a politically-acceptable term and that I am not offending anyone. Sigh.) The CnP regulars know how to party every day, but give them a holiday and they really explode. Literally. Rockets, fireworks, sparklers, streamers, profusion of particles everywhere. I rezzed there last night to discover a huge bonfire burning in the middle of the floor. I did inquire about fire department regulations but was assured that everything met the code. 🙂 I was dubious but I have to admit that although the fire blazed prodigiously, the floor was not consumed.

Prad apparently did the setup, and then turned the crowd loose. Rockets and fireworks lined the floor. No sooner had one round exploded and showered us with brilliant colors, then the next round was rezzed and assembled. People timed the process and grabbed on to the rockets just at take-off and rode up into the sky and fell back as part of the show. (No, of course I didn’t do that. You KNOW that I hate falling. 🙂 I played the part of enraptured audience.) Everyone was giddy and crazed and having a wonderful time watching explosion after explosion after explosion. We were all immersed in the illusion. A wonderful night, a wonderful celebration. Kudos to Prad and the CnP! For more photos of the great show (notice “great show”, NOT “great photos” 🙂 ), click through to my Flickr account.