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New Year’s Eve 2013/2014

To a good new year!
May you be happy and well
May we live in peace

Winter Afternoon

snow turning to sleet
warm fire in fireplace
soft kitten in lap

stew cooking on stove
glass of red wine in my hand
staying home – priceless


Eyes focused on me
Five beings with but one thought
Dinner! Feed us NOW!

Stop and Go

The morning commute:
Like using a Stairmaster
With bricks on my feet.

Publisher’s Block

Two blogs about “it”.
Re-read both and tossed them out.
It’s “publisher’s block”.

Between Horizons

Driving north towards home
Eastern sky is dark with stars
Still light in the west.

NOT of General Interest

We all dream at night.
Trust me – yours are not “way cool”.
Refrain from sharing.

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