Shadow Play

Only the shadow knows….. and tells. It was Gospel Brunch time. The Right Reverend HalleCallilujah was leading us in services. I decided to take advantage of my functioning gaming computer and turn graphics up to Ultra and have some shadows. And there you can see The Truth revealed. The shadow tells all. Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s …… KRYSSS!!!!!

Take Me to the River

Drop me in the water. It was the last Sunday of the month, and that means that HalleCallilujah was leading Gospel Hour at Meatspace Lounge. I rezzed out one of my revival outfits, one that seemed suitable for a steaming hot humid summer day. I quickly realized, however, that it wasn’t the wisest choice. I need to find more outfits with flexiprims, so my knees don’t jut on through my skirt. 🙂

We had 2 newcomers and several “old timers” gathered under the tent. Amazing how some of us need to be saved over and over and over again. *grin* As usual we had a fantastic mix of music running from traditional gospel to traditional Jewish. We celebrate interpretations of religious music. Note to self: remember to pass the Right Irreverent HalleCallilujah a song i have about the pagans and the Christians.

As the spirits rose up (hey, I only had two mimosas) Calli led us to the river. Unfortunately, at that point she crashed, leaving us stuck circling in the water where she dropped us. We all straggled ashore and made our way back to the tent, where she rejoined us for a rousing finish. Gospel Hour is taking a break for the summer (it gets very hot out there under the revival tent) but we’ll be back come September!

Refresh Your Body and Soul

Check your calendar. It’s January. Monday is January 31st. That means that SUNDAY is the LAST Sunday of the month. And we know what THAT means, right???? It’s time for the HalleCalliLujah gospel brunch! Sunday, January 30 at 11 AM SLT.

Remember – it’s about music and friends. Come and rock your soul – and all your bits – with us at Meatspace Lounge! Wade through the water, drink some champagne, hear some great music, and laugh a lot. Oh – and *I* bought a new dress for the occasion! *grin*