On the Road with Hunter

You are HereI went adventuring today! I did something that I’m willing to bet most of you have NOT done. I went walking through the countryside. Okay – I know Dale goes walking/flying. I think Chestnut does also. Maybe a few more on my friends list have mentioned moving through the sims instead of teleporting. But I think that most of us simply choose expediency over experience.

I logged in this afternoon after a day at the RL beach. I was still fairly mellow, in a vacation frame of mind. I was chatting with my friend Hunter when he asked if he’d ever mentioned his Highway 8 time. I had no idea if he was talking RL, SL, or what/where Highway 8 might be. He told me that Highway 8 is one of the roads in SL built by the Lindens. Sometimes when Hunter is in the mood for something different or new or unusual, he gets on Highway 8 and starts WALKING. I like walking. I am not especially fond of flying; I do when necessary, but I tend to walk about to get where I want to go. So the idea of strolling through SL was very intriguing. Hunter told me about the steampunk furniture store he’d found earlier (yes – he shared the landmark). Told me about the goth store he’d seen recently. I asked to join him and he graciously allowed me to join him on his wandering.

GiraffesWe wandered down Highway 8. It was curious, indeed. A long stretch of open road, no cars. As we walked things rezzed to the right and left. The first few things I saw evoked a lonely, desolate feel – half-done buildings, empty inside, walls not complete. Perhaps construction had simply stopped for the night but, because there were no other people, buildings, stuff, it felt like it was deserted. Abandoned. Foreclosed. Dust-storms. LOL. Okay – I’m getting carried away again. 🙂 But Hunter and I both agreed that it felt like an abandoned dream.

lovely place for a clotheslineWe wandered on. There are many curious sights. Giraffes are NOT typical lawn ornaments in my life, so I was glad to see them along Rt 8. We found a lovely garden with a gazebo for dancing. Of course we had to try it out. *grin* But first we had to finish hanging the laundry on the line. We passed an av in a silver sports car, but she must have been afk as neither she nor the car were moving.

you can play once the laundry is doneWe wandered through a mostly empty sim, came to a more commercialized area. We went exploring in an “antiques” store. LOL. We found the perfect dinner table for romantic, intimate dinners. Not. /me rings bell for Jeeves. It was great fun and I’m sorry that, as usual, RL pulled me away before I’d gotten to do all the exploring I’d have liked to do. I certainly recommend walking down the road. The road markers are placed at the sim boundaries. *grin* So we got to watch each other sink and disappear a few times as we crossed into the next sim. So get yourself out on the road and take a hike. *grin* Only in SL can I tell you to go play in the road and mean that in a NICE way!
a quiet intimate dinner table