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Summer and Ice Cream

Nothing says “summer” in quite the same way as does the sound of the neighborhood ice cream truck. I was sitting at my computer, working, but I had my headphones on for my gaming computer and THERE I was sitting in my pool, relaxing. I had beach sounds playing in the headset – waves, seagulls, some wind, the sound of water lapping against my boat. Suddenly I thought I heard chimes, which drew my attention from my work as I attempted to determine from where the sound came. I realized quickly it was NOT from my organic surroundings but in my SL headset. I looked about my pool area, wondering if I had windchimes that I’d forgotten were there. I turned up the sound and the chiming grew louder. I was still confused. Then it hit me – it sounded like an ICE CREAM TRUCK!!!!! Of course….. AnnMarie Oleander’s incessant parade of automatically rezzed vehicles. I cammed out to the road and sure enough there it was – an ice cream truck.

Well, what would YOU do? I grabbed some L$ and ran out to the road, waving my arms, yelling “wait, wait!” *grin* So I am taking a quick break from work (hey – it’s nearly lunch time) to enjoy my chocolate chip ice cream cone. And the intrepid ice cream truck rolls on and on. (By the way – notice how cool it is to have shadows turned on. I really like that feature and I love that my one computer can render it. My other computer dies a slow and agonizing death when I try to make it render shadows.)

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