Kingdom of Sand

A few weeks ago I was catching up with a friend in SL. We’d not talked in awhile, had a lot of talking to do. While that occurred, I made the acquaintance of someone who is now on my friends list as well. This friend is rather shy, so I’ll go back to my early habit of identifying people with an initial. “B” in this case. /me laughs. For those of you who remember X, Y and Z, this is different. *grin*

B offered to take me for a ride. We found a grassy area that was not too laggy. We took a few spins about the place, then B suggested we go to Kingdom of Sand. This is a role-playing sim, so I needed to get a guest pass and be coached a bit. At some point along the way I decided that my current outfit needed to be updated to something more appropriate. 🙂

B and I didn’t do much talking. We simply ran up and down the sand dunes, past the oases, around the tents and the city walls. It was wonderful. I adjusted my camera, sat back and enjoyed the ride.

There is no story here, nothing except a recommendation to go to Kingdom of Sand and see the beauty of it. I’d had a lesson from Honour in how to use Windlight (that is another blog post that is half-written). I experimented with Windlight as we drank in the desert air. Sunrise, midday, sunset. Shadows. I really should get out more often and experience more of this.

I hope you enjoy the photos! I have even MORE that I did not post, if you can imagine. They are all up on my Flickr account, *grin*, should you wish to see more.