A New Diaspora?

with apologies to Sheldon Harnick, lyricist for “Anatevka” (from the Broadway show “Fiddler on The Roof“)

SL Regions

Well, SL hasn’t exactly been the Garden of Eden. (spoken)
That’s true. (spoken)
After all, what have we got here? (spoken)

A little bit of prim, a little bit of hair.
A box, a tree, some boots, a chair.

Someone should have fixed and enhanced this place years ago. (spoken)
A sim, an av.
What’s a venue? Or a build?
People who login just once to SL don’t even know why they came. (spoken)
Burn2 constructions. Live music.

What do we leave? Nothing much.
Only our creations.

SL regions, SL regions,
Understaffed, overstressed SL regions.
Where else could meeting be so sweet?
SL regions, SL regions,
Intimate, obstinate SL regions.
Where everyone has come alive.

Soon I’ll be a stranger in some strange new grid
Wishing for my inventory hid
on SL regions

I belong in SL regions.
Content filled, full of friends SL regions.
Dear wondrous challenge, thrilling grid of mine.

Ahhhhhh. (sighed)
It’s just a place.