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Cracks in the Foundation

I remember my mother and her brother having a conversation one day. I believe it was about ESP (extrasensory perception). It may have been about ghosts. Whatever it was, she believed in it. He did not. She kept arguing point after point. He had counter-arguments. Finally he said to her: What would it take for me to convince you? She thought about it. She replied: You can’t. I believe I am right.

There you have it. If you believe, you believe. It is incredibly difficult, if not actually impossible, to move you from that belief.

Belief. Faith. Trust. If they exist, they are nigh indestructible.

But once that first crack appears, like Jericho, the wall comes down.

Once I think you lie, the crack has appeared. If you lie about something inconsequential, the cracks multiply rapidly.

Sigh. I found myself thinking: It doesn’t matter what you say. I don’t even care if you THINK you are telling the truth. I no longer believe you.

I’m sorry. For both of us. For our friendship.

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