Light and Air

I’m not very observant. Oh for some things – like spotting a spider on a wall or ceiling – I’m eagle-eyed. For others, like new haircuts or eye glasses, not so much. Apparently light-switches fall in the “not observant” category. IMG_8786 It seems the day we got the walls, we also got a working light switch in the kitchen! It controls the light at the bottom of the basement stairs. This is wonderful news (although NOT as good news as a working kitchen sink will be). Whenever I’ve had to go to the basement in the evening, I have had to take a flashlight. There is a working switch at the bottom of the stairs but if I don’t want that light burning all evening, I have to turn it off. Then I have to navigate both the stairs and the rough, unfinished kitchen floor in the dark. Now I have light. It’s a lovely touch.

The men doing the spackling were here again yesterday and I got to meet them. It has been extremely humid and raining off and on. This is NJ in the summer after all. They pointed out that it would be really helpful if I would run the a/c unit in the breakfast room to help speed with the drying. IMG_8787I said there’s no power in the breakfast room. I know this because I lost my deck light, my garage light and the ceiling fan, all things I have been reaching for in vain for the last 8 weeks. Then we both looked at the a/c, the wall, and the outlet, and I realized that the spackler was running a little fan in the breakfast room. Obviously there is power in the breakfast room, but on THAT wall, not the deckside wall. They didn’t rip apart the wall on the driveway side. Another visual miss (or maybe a logical processing miss). This morning I pulled off all of the insulation, inside and outside, and the a/c is humming away. That was a great excuse for me to turn on the a/c throughout the house because it is again extremely humid with forecast for scattered showers. I sat and sweated yesterday but today, in deference to the spackling, I’m running the a/c. 🙂 I’m very thoughtful that way.