Ahuva, Alpha Dog

AKC photo: http://www.akc.org/images/breeds/border_collie/lg_artwork.jpg

In my house, we use 2 different words for that description. Alpha is replaced by “Top” and dog is replaced by… I’m sure you can fill in the blank. *grin* It was all the fault of my pekingnese, Ching Li. I didn’t even LIKE him all that much at the time, and couldn’t understand why he always came to me. The dog trainer explained that was because he considered me the lead dog, the alpha. It is probably the nicest way anyone has called me bitch.

I tend to have dogs that resemble me physically: small with messy hair. My current dog is my beloved Shihtzu. They do say that dogs and owners tend to resemble each other. But if I were to be transmuted into a dog, I think that I would be a border collie. The AKC website describes border collies as “the workaholic of the dog world”. Border collies herd sheep and do this “with stalking movement and an intense gaze known as “eye”. Hmmmm. I think my son would confirm the “eye”. The AKC continues the description thusly: “They thrive when they have a job to do and ” …. “they do best with mature, well-behaved children”.

I am afraid that I can indeed be described as a workaholic. I have a passion for my work. I need goals, going for the prize. I really prefer people who are mature and “get it”. I expect everyone to be as driven as I am. And yes – I know that is a VERY foolish, non-useful, self-defeating expectation. *grin* I work at trying to manage that expectation. Having said all that, this limerick occurred to me the other day. *smile* It made me laugh.

There once was an av named Ahuva
Whose outward appearance might fool ya
But her inside is steel
Her intensity real
And she’ll nag and nip heels til she’s schooled ya.

Latest Plan of Attack

There once was an out-of-date router
Annoyed its owner and “ow’d” her
She downloaded new firmware
With options took great care
And the new performance quite wow’d her.

well, that’s how I HOPE it all works out. upgraded the cablemodem, tested it directly – no packet loss. so it must be the router, right???????