Thinking IN the Box

One of the best things about blogging is learning more about something you enjoy. Crap Mariner posted photos to HIS blog the other day. They showed 2 of his cats relaxing in boxes. His comment: If you think outside the box, you’re not a cat. *laughing*

That reminded me of one of my favorite t-shirts, pictured below. I realized that I needed to credit the cartoonist whose work is on the shirt. I did a search on “Mark Parisi” and “Off the Mark” and wow! He’s out there with TONS of great cartoons. So I do hope I’m not violating anything here by posting a pic of my t-shirt and I do urge you to check out his work. I spent a LOT of time clicking through the cartoons on his website and laughing. A definite mood-picker-upper. *grin* Thanks, Mark Parisi!!!