M. Linden on Metanomics

M Linden on Metanomics
M. Linden opened the new season of Metanomics the other day. I made it into the audience. Yeah, I tp’d in over an HOUR before the show was to begin – nearly 90 minutes early. There were already 20 people in the audience. I crashed about 40 minutes before the show was to start. Got back in. Everything appeared to be fine – video running, sound running. Then – 20 minutes before the start, I lost the video. ??? I saw a message in the local chat from someone named Engineer that said we needed the latest version of Quicktime. Uh oh. I was not sure I was on the latest version. I went to dowload it and install. It said it would close all my browsers, including SL. So I cancelled. And lost the sound. 😦 After chickening out 3 times, I finally installed the update. I was promptly logged out of SL. Since the sim had reached capacity over 20 minutes earlier, I was certain that when I logged back in I’d find myself at home. But no. There I was, standing next to my chair in the auditorium, with video, sound, proper camera controls. 🙂 So I sat myself back down and listened.

What did M. Linden SAY? My take on it was that there was a little bit of real substance, a LOT of words that didn’t say anything, and a lot of “we Metanomics audiencecare and we are trying”. Or as a friend plurked later when asked for a summary: “M. Linden: have confidence. growth. stability. no IPO. have confidence. engage new people. metrics. have confidence. growth. audience: adult grid. censorship. problems. concerns. economy! Land! the sky is falling! you suck! growth. metrics. confidence? IPO?” *grin* That is basically what I heard too. But if you want a slightly less sardonic summary and one with more detail on what was said – check out Dusan Writer’s entry on the Metanomics site. Dusan compiled all the questions posted to the local chat. M. Linden has been answering them on the Metanomics site, a truly gracious move. This is a very interesting thread and is still being updated.

All in all – worth the time and effort to be there and hear it live.