moonrise-1A few months ago I tried to write a post declaring that I am not a romantic. It never saw light of day because several of my SL friends told me that I was wrong, I most definitely AM a romantic. I protested that I do nothing romantic and they all pointed out that being A Romantic had nothing to do with doing romantic things. moonrise-2I thought about it and decided that they were right. (Can you hear them all in the background saying “of COURSE we are right! we are ALWAYS right!!!!” *grin*) Had I had any inclination left to argue, this morning wiped it away. I saw something that I have never seen before in SL. I saw the moon rise.

I was sitting by the pool, at my computer, IM’ing and juggling emails and such. I was looking out across the patio, to the property. LOL. At the thicket I had to build to obscure mymoonrise-3 neighbor’s religious preaching. And I saw the moon rising over the thicket. It moves very quickly in SL. I was hypnotized. It was beautiful. I was spellbound watching it ascend into the star-filled sky. I’m lucky that time moves quickly in SL, because the whole time it was rising, all I could do was snap photo after photo. I wish I had some machinima set up so I could have captured the movement properly. moonrise-4 But it was beautiful. It touched my soul and made me happy. I love it here. So many unexpected thrills. I will post them all to Flickr as well, in order, I hope, but here is what I saw as I enjoyed my morning coffee.moonrise-5