Fricker Fraker

Fricker Fraker is one of my first friends in SL. fricker I met him at a gathering and we got to talking. It was back in the days when I was first thinking seriously about buying land. Fricker had land to sell. We went to see the property and talked about music, life, work and SL. Our paths cross only periodically but each time is always a pleasant experience for me. Fricker was one of the friends who came TP’ing in for the Bubble Chair extravaganza. 🙂 The other night I got to TP to Fricker, to hear him play the Native American Flute live. The setting was beautiful: Paradise Garden, which is owned by Brianna Beresford.

the-audience-gathersI arrived there early enough to get one of the cushions. As I sat and listened to the sounds of the water in the background I cammed about, enjoying the beauty of the build. Brianna welcomed us all and Fricker began to play. The flute is hauntingly lovely. There was drumming as well as story telling and reflections on life. The setting of water, waves, trees and flowers was the perfect accompaniment for the performance. The music was soothing, lending itself to meditations and relaxation.

For myself, one of the interesting aspects even-the-water-came-to-listenwas checking out my fellow concert-goers. 🙂 I knew quite a few of them, even though my connection with Fricker had never had any intersection with the other people. I’m beginning to believe the people who keep telling me that SL is really a small place. 🙂 Also gives credence to the fabled 6 degrees of separation.

standing-room-onlyWhen Fricker stopped playing, we all still stayed there. The serenity and mood were so lovely, no one seemed to want to move and break it. I took some time to sit in the meditative garden. Brianna has created a beautiful beautiful spot. Even if Fricker is not playing, you should head over there to enjoy the scenery and beauty.